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    Hello Everyone,

    As a developer, I always look at main categories for me to judge or even make a assessment of a certain software or operating system.
    these categories are :

    1- GUI - Graphical User Interface
    2- Performance
    3- Compatibility
    4- Usability

    When it comes to the latest build of Windows 10 I was for sure blown away, the Graphical User Interface is sharp and very fluid unlike the previous build were we saw many problems with the interface however it is not so perfect I am having a hard time thinking about the reason of why Microsoft went back to the Aero Glass style , I think I was fine with the usual Windows 10 shape however another interesting thing I am facing ( not knowing if u are ) when I click on a tab in the taskbar it takes more than a click to actually show and hide . its a bit annoying but not to a degree that would make me complain about it !. the actual start menu is more refined and more functional. Overall if Microsoft is going with the current design I believe we have a huge eye pleaser coming up in july .

    I was surprised with the applications that did not run on previous builds are running fine on this one . the runtime errors that most of the previous build users experienced are basically gone . the Overall performance is impressive and I dare to say for a preview build it is better than what I expect from windows 7 at the moment .


    It is very much usable when it comes to the windows as a operating system . I would recommend most of the people that are wondering if they should update to the new build ! YES YOU SHOULD .. it is great for everyday work .. in all the aspects that would get you guys to function as if u were on windows 7 but with a touch of apps and much more ..


    It is very important to understand that this build is not a final product but this one is much more stable than others ( I ran about 20 apps simultaneously and no BSOD popped )

    Looking forward to hear about your problems or feedback ...



    As mentioned Compatibility issues are no more with the new build except for some apps that uses packages and special purpose libraries but overall its pretty interesting the fast paste progress of the memory management as well as the overall system resource management .
    04-30-2015 01:44 PM

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