1. isicles's Avatar
    Hi Friends,

    I updated L1520 with the latest build. There are a few errors some new and some old. Can some1 Please help me?

    1) In Speech Setting 2 languages are queued for download. I neither can download nor can remove. What should be done?

    2) Cortana Not working.

    3) Phone Icon missing from start screen - Cannot even pin to start (Greyed Out). How can i restore it?

    4) Cannot change Lock Screen. Currently it is on Health & Fitness.

    5) Missing Icon of MSN Health & Fitness, Lumia Story Teller, Music, WhatsApp in apps list.

    6) Error on update of One Drive. App cannot be updated.

    Please let me know if someone has same issues and also how to fix it.

    05-15-2015 08:43 AM
  2. Stephen Kirts's Avatar
    I have most same problems; find no fix yet. Have 1520.3 & having problems getting from Mexico Spanish to US English after latest update; no problem before.
    05-15-2015 08:52 AM
  3. michail71's Avatar
    Mine was a little better with some of the live tile issues after a hard reset. Just make sure you're at 100% battery and on the charger. Doing a reset drew so much power the charger couldn't keep up.

    However, I'll be rolling back soon. It's not daily use ready.
    05-15-2015 08:52 AM
  4. isicles's Avatar
    So Hard resetting your phone solved most of the issues you had?
    05-15-2015 10:38 AM
  5. michail71's Avatar
    Not really, but some, not all of the missing apps came back. I'm going to roll back tonight. It's more usable than the last build but still not up for day to day use.

    My biggest issue on this release is the removal of the legacy people app. Pinned contacts don't work with notifications. So if you pin someone their messages and all don't bubble up to a notification on the tile. Also, there is no history either.

    So many things that made 8.1 great are still lacking. I hope it catches up.
    05-15-2015 11:16 AM
  6. BaritoneGuy's Avatar
    Did you set it to Mexico Spanish before the update as per the release notes?
    05-15-2015 06:08 PM
  7. cvflowe's Avatar
    I agree, it's better but not ready to be a daily driver. I may roll back tonight as well.
    05-15-2015 09:01 PM
  8. cgavula's Avatar
    Im seeing in app purchases/restores not working and the app download issues seem to be a conflict between the Store and the Store beta. The backgrounds don't display correctly on the 1520 and the current size is completely weird looking - i wish there was a working option to go back to the old sizing option.

    Definitely not ready as a daily driver.
    05-15-2015 10:54 PM
  9. michail71's Avatar
    So much app tile weirdness in this build.
    05-16-2015 12:29 AM

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