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  1. nasellok's Avatar
    All I can say - it really is getting progressively better with 10130 - still a bit buggy in some places, but generally speaking, its pretty awesome.

    There are only a few things to make it perfect (imo).....
    1. Gesture control to reveal hamburger menu contents on start screen......swipe right, show contents - similar to a pivot in a WP application.
    2. Ability to snap an app from multi-task screen (touch, move it to the right or left of screen, and it snaps) + swipe the app up or down to close it
    3. Gesture controls for task bar - swipe the bottom edge of the screen up to show a hidden taskbar, and back down to hide it.
    4. Add live folders like Windows Phone 8.1 - remove some clutter from your Start Menu
    5. Fully transparent live tiles like in Windows Phone 8.1
    6. Option for fully transparent taskbar (cause who doesn't like to see their background image)
    7. Better way to place taskbar vertically on left/right side of screen, and a way to implement this without breaking multi-tasking gestures. Ideally a way to make the taskbar slide in and out like the charms menu in Windows 8.1 (see #3 above)
    8. Edge Browser needs ability to hide tabs, and moving of address bar on bottom of screen - let us configure this in settings when initially launching the app.
    9. Bring back offline/online only OneDrive files.
    10. Pin Live tiles to the desktop........and make them interactive like widgets......because, why not.

    (Note: I am using a clean 10130 build installed via USB on a Dell Venue 8 Pro)
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    06-04-2015 10:15 AM
  2. nasellok's Avatar
    (can a forum mod fix my typo in the heading-it should read "perfect Windows 10") thanks-
    06-04-2015 10:17 AM
  3. ikhwanZulkefli's Avatar
    Is it smooth yet?
    06-04-2015 10:41 AM
  4. rockstarzzz's Avatar
    (can a forum mod fix my typo in the heading-it should read "perfect Windows 10") thanks-
    Done :)
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    06-04-2015 10:44 AM
  5. nasellok's Avatar
    Its buttery smooth on Dell Venue 8 Pro...........but only with a clean install - upgrading from 10074 seemed to bog it down - Luckilly, I only have "apps" installed, so installing clean build from USB is super easy after downloading an ISO from the net. It does still have some bugs, but less and less as we go forward - I actually want to install on my SP3, but I have too much software installed, and if I had to start over, it would literally take days to re-install everything.
    06-04-2015 11:10 AM
  6. iamakii's Avatar
    Running 10130 on DVP8. Minor lapses and freezes on Start Screen, Project Spartan, occassional required logging out, other than that nothing major. Love Windows 10 overall, although I kinda miss Charms but will def get used without it. 😉
    06-04-2015 11:30 AM

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