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    This is done on a Lumia 1520 ATT:
    Build 10080 All of these bugs have already been submitted to Microsoft.
    Bugs: Lockscreen Settings Crashing, No Outlook Notifications, and Outlook Tiles Not matching
    It is because of the mail client in the small icon options on the lockscreen. The detailed option is fine and will work smoothly. However, if you already did this, don't panic. Uninstall Outlook and reinstall via Beta Store.
    It will also fix the annoying tiles not matching!
    You can use calendar on lockscreen detailed after, but do not put outlook in the icon option of the lockscreen. It will resume crashing again. Reinstalling the Outlook app ALSO turns Notifcations on! Just send an email to yourself after you turn on notifications in Outlook. After that, the notification center will log the app, and you can change the tone!

    Bug: Lumia 1520 Resolution Issue with Start Screen Pics; Will not cover whole page.
    This one may require a factory reset. DO NOT HIT MORE TILES!! IF YOU DID, YOU ALREADY WILL HAVE TO FACTORY RESET (You can try before factory reset, but I failed to fix it until factory reset). However, if not, keep it at the default of lower amount of tiles. Then you require higher than 1080p (1440 or above) desktop wallpapers. It will work. Resolutions won't scale down. At least to the pics I tried with. So if they are lower than screen resolution or the same, it will bug out, and cover only about 3/4 of the screen.

    Voicemail Bug: Where you cannot get your visual voicemail to sync. Go to dialer, hit ##004# (resets conditional forwarding like google voice), then after it tells you settings have been changed, call your phone and leave a voice mail. After voicemail registers on the phone, go to voicemail part of dialer, it will request your pin and done!

    I hope these help. I am still messing around trying to figure everything out. And if these are already posted. Sorry.
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    06-06-2015 01:32 PM

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