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    I worked on my Lumia 630. Yesterday, 18.6.2015, I installed build 10136 on a non-Windows 10-updated WP8.1 with Denim. I hard-resetted WP8.1, uninstalled all apps with an option to uninstall, installed the update to build 10136, hard-resetted again, updated all apps = This is the correct way to install via Windows insider.

    Major issue with 10136 in Lumia 630 is flickering of display when brightness profile LOW is set really low. You need to adjust LOW brightess not too low. Medium and High are without this issue, probably because the strong brightness "hides" this.

    My known issues in 10136, after appropriate and important hard-reset, more like minor flaws, are
    1- The "search", which is Cortana - speech to text works, but seems not efficient - definitely needs the Hey, Cortana update
    2- Weather app is not able to be set to lock screen;
    3- In Store you have some updates, everything needs to be updated to work, however, not every app will update. Some apps need to to be pressed to update even 3 or 4 times to work. However, Windows Maps and extras+info will not update no matter what;
    4- New battery saver that seems kinda odd - sometimes enabling it turns back light brighter - it should do the opposite;
    5- There are two screen glitches in settings/notifications & actions - enabler covers written word;
    6- Language keyboard cannot be updated - so no word flow/swipe - speech-to-text works fine;
    7- Windows still cannot slide up, only down, to dismiss them;
    8- A tile that contains more apps - once pressed at the visible part of the screen, the tiles that come out are nor prioritized by the screen, thus you get
    an open and empty tile and the ones you want are not shown unless you manually scroll down;
    9- In Settings/Personalization/lock screen/show quick status - is "YSTEM" should this not be "system"?;
    10- In Settings/Keyboard settings, there is another glitch in appearance when selecting off/left/right handed usage;
    11- A new app "Contact support" is present, has option to uninstall, but doesn't do it - some apps have the option to uninstall, but do not do it;
    12- Store shows apps as updated/installed; Store BETA shows the opposite;
    13- If you are in settings and slide down action center and press settings tile, it will not get you to settings, cause it recognizes it under the layout - this could be seen as a minor flaw, too;
    14- Apps like audio, display, network+, touch, are not present in Settings, but as stand-alone apps in the list of apps;
    15- In Settings, when you write the name of any setting, with any initial letter (e.g. P for Personalization), it will show any setting in which name is the letter e.g. accessory aPPs, airPlane mode...weird - if you want Airplane mode you would type "A";
    16- Store BETA is unable to "Show all" apps and it cannot slide left to show more apps either; its search has no text suggestion - probably because keyboard is not updated;
    17- Installing an app from Windows Phone Store (PC) doesn't work. It shows as installed, but the app is not in phone, nor after soft reset. You need to install an app from Store or Store BETA;
    18- Store BETA does not show download progress in numbers/MB, only a green line indicator;
    19- Store will not show full size screenshots of apps, Store BETA, however, will;
    20- Store BETA is unable to switch automatic updates off;
    21- Maybe it is just my phone, but seems after the update my Lumia 630 speaker makes buzz noise when playing a song;
    22- Phone update is only automatic and setting it to manual or off is not possible;
    23- When in Settings, after you checked e.g.the lowest setting "Update & security", and go back, you are prompted to the top settings - on Lumia 630, 4.5" screen - Everything bellow "Time & language" is not prioritized;

    Initial, in-time-fading issues (hard-reset after update + 30min. - 1hour of updating = solution to your problem)
    1- Lock screen image cannot be changed;
    2- Time doesn't display a 24h option, only 12hours;

    1- Battery doesn't drain any more then with wp8.1;
    2- Seems, the phone is downloading many things in the background after the update, so let it be for an hour;
    2.1- Music will not update automatically, you need to update it via Store BETA
    3- Response of apps is app. 2-3 seconds;
    4- Sliding from tile start menu to list menu is fluid;
    5- There is no MS Office (app. 20MB), but a stand-alone Word, PPT, and Excel - Word alone has 89.xx MB;
    6- Store BETA has no white mode, only black layout; EDIT: it has, but changes only with screen mode black/white;
    7- 10136 is definitely slower in response time than the stable WP8.1, but is only 10-15% slower - this is just a relative guess;
    8- FB Messenger app both as a tile and on lock screen shows notification even after you dismiss/check it on PC - frustrating;
    9- Search (Cortana) tile doesn't show the circle (name remains);

    Known issues that I did not face
    1- Uninstall Skype before updating to build 10136;
    2- The wait of 10 minutes after lock screen appears without date/time after update - I had time/date immediately;
    3- Duplicate tiles (not after hard-reset);
    4- Accidental PIN unlock attempts with double-tap to wake phone - because there is no option to double-tap to wake phone in touch; because you are unable to update extras+info app, where touch is;
    5- "However, there is an issue in this build where after you enter the code you won’t see the PIN pad"
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