1. Abhimanyu Gupta's Avatar
    It Seems I am the only one for whom this build is working brilliantly. I am a ICON owner so it is a big surprise for me. Last few build were worst on ICON but this time I find it Okay for me as a daily driver.

    - When I started Updating Last night, I was prepared myself for long restore from backup process. This build surprised me. Everything was already there. For example in last few bulids Update deleted My music and Whatsapp Messages. I used to restore them manually. In this build everything was Already there.

    - I was not even asked to login into Microsoft account. Everything was ready like contacts were synced, Messages restored even even call history is not deleted.

    - Live tiles are working perfectly now. In earlier build live tiles for simple calendar and viether showed nothing. this is fixed now.

    - Notification center has new useful additions like flashlight, notes and battery saver.

    - Start screen looks very crisp now.

    - No crash uptill now, phone is working very smoothly.

    - I can now play with the settings of start screen. In last build there were so many glitches in start screen that I stopped trying different themes and backgrounds. Now you can make any background look good with some tweaking.

    So what's bad?

    - Once touch stopped responding. Soft reset fixed it
    - did not find a way to tun off quite hours( a big bug. maybe, a deal breaker for many)
    - Store beta can not update many apps. need to uninstall and reinstall.

    Has anybody else tried it on ICON?
    06-26-2015 05:00 AM
  2. Abhimanyu Gupta's Avatar
    Since I was unable to update apps in store so I tried a hard reset. Now windows is not installing an going into a loop.
    06-26-2015 09:17 AM
  3. Lumious's Avatar
    I have it on the ICON. I would say it works great but not perfectly. The live tiles arent perfect yet. Like the people app does nothing, outlook mail doesnt update, Cortana is labeled as search and has small Halo icon, the text messages tile is small etc, but some live tiles are working now like photos.

    I had to take two attempts to get it to install on the ICON and once it did it was blazing fast even without the hard reset. I debated on whether or not to do a hard reset because it was working so well but i just did one anyways.

    Hardly any noticeable problems except photos dont upload to onedrive and can send text attachments.
    06-26-2015 10:48 AM

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