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    I was on WP 8.1. I wanted to install the 10149 update, since it's more stable and what not. But upon checking for update, it said i had to install 10136, so i braved it and went for it.

    After the installation, on the spinning gears screen, it was done upto 80% when suddenly there was a huge " :-( " smiley on the screen, and now my phone is stuck at the spinning gears screen. It just spins for a while and then the phone shuts down.

    Tried software recovery tool. Selected "Can't detect my phone", then it went to the next screen. It says "Device in UEFI mode" , and Firmware version "unknown". There is no option to "Reinstall". It only says "Package not available for this phone".

    This is my first try at TP updates, so if anyone has ever hit a similar problem, please help.
    06-26-2015 10:17 AM

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