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    My Lumia 630 went from Denim WP8.1 straight to build 10136 with several minor issues. I never had build 10080, so I never had to downgrade with WPRT. However, build 10149, which I updated today (28.6.2015) happened to have a lot more issues than I anticipated. Or so I thought. As a NEW build, it should carry less bugs, no? YES. The build is almost flawless. With that said, I, in my previous thread, mentioned a lot of minor issues. We all seen the known issues with the release of 10136 and even now, Microsoft warns us that there are still some issues to be found. That is to be expected from a BETA release OS.

    After the update, I hard resetted the phone, let it update and got angry.
    1-Three updates were done, phone had many issues with background wallpaper - would not set it sharp, only blurry;
    2-Accent color did not apply to Settings’ names;
    3-The Extras+info is still unable to be installed;
    4-Music app still won’t let you preview an album while you play tracks - still, as in 10136 only Play or Add to options remain;
    5-Music app tile STILL is not "live" - does not show currently played track;
    6-At the current time, Outlook Mail doesn't allow me to sign in with a Gmail account;
    7-Still no Hey, Cortana, but that will probably never come for a phone like this - L630;
    8-Still cannot update keyboard, so no word flow/swype;
    9-Keyboard has no "gmail" shortcut - it should;
    10-There are two display settings in Settings;
    11-Navigation bar has different color tone than the rest accent color appliances;
    12-It takes a lot of time for the accent color to take effect;
    13-There is a display bug at Sim PIN screen;
    14-Quiet hours cannot be turned off,
    15-MESSENGER notifications do not work - SO FRUSTRATING!, No push notifications - cannot add apps;

    The nice things:
    1-There is a nice new transition when pressing any tile/app;
    2-In Settings, you got extras;
    3-Music player shows album art in list + album art cover while playing a song;
    4-Software buttons on Lumia 630 have no outline - some might find it not good;
    5-Better app response than in build 10136 and all seems smoother;
    6-When adjusting volume in Music app, it shows in a quick window that pops up briefly displaying the current track;
    7-Maps tile IS LIVE;
    8-Microsoft EDGE has a bottom search line and is super fast;

    There are probably other minor issues and other nice things, which I will edit later on.
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