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    Personally I think Continuum is a wonderful idea for those who need a device that can do everyday things such as home work, basic business, and general internet surfing but also want a phone.

    A good flagship phone can easily accommodate these requirements and then some. While they won't be able to play highend games they can get their work done then go enjoy some Xbox(Keeping it in the Microsoft family).

    Here are some examples of items that I feel will help Microsoft sell the idea of Continuum:

    41r8hiavhsl.jpg 1) Either have a dock sold as a package deal or an extra item on the same day the phone is released.

    This dock would allow the phone to go into Continuum mode. Charging, projecting the screen(HDMI), and connecting to a bluetooth mouse and keyboard.

    There may be a need to have multiple versions of this dock to support ethernet or even audio.

    asus-padfone-9.jpg 2) Release or form a partnership to have a laptop/tablet to take advantage of Continuum. The perfect example would be the Asus Padfone. With Windows Continuum this is a match made in heaven.

    With the correct carrier partnership or similar(Best Buy) they can then show case this idea right in the store. The store would setup a dock with Windows 10 flagship projecting on the screen. Then next to it they would have the on-the-go example with the Padfone or like product.
    06-30-2015 12:32 AM

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