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    Hi All,

    Sorry for posting a new thread instead of posting in the relevant topics but thought it would be beneficial for some in creating a new thread to help those that are having the same issues I had. Some of these fixes have been mentioned elsewhere and some are my own fixes after being stubborn and persistent by hard resetting my phone a dozen times (used to be a handset tester so maybe thats where I get my persistence?).

    Before I start, these worked on my Lumia 920, and may/may not work for you. I would suggest that you hard reset your device, especially if you are upgrading from 8.1.

    1. Dialler not working.
    Unpin and re-pin the phone app

    2. There has been mention that glance etc. does not work.
    Windows 10 Mobile 10149 oddities: Missing Glance, Call History, Quiet Hours and Error 0x80070003 | Windows Central

    Hard reset your device. Once started and you have filled in your details and connected to your wifi, you get a screen saying installing apps, almost done and then it takes you to your start screen. At this point go to the store beta, and disable the auto updates. Leave the phone for approx. 30mins and you will see glance etc. appear. This is because the phone still hasnt finished doing its initial app install and setup.

    The new Call+ app does not seem to work and has the same issue of being installed but not accessible, despite being installed from the old store!

    On a side note, do not update any apps other than the MSN, XBOX, OneDrive and the native apps (grey iconed apps such as outlook) via store beta

    3. Ringtones.
    Whilst admittedly, I have not played with this too much, and didnt want to break my setup once more, I do not believe its possible to assign an individual contact a ringtone but you can assign different ringtones to mail and sms etc. Download your ringtones/message alerts or copy them from a pc to the phones ringtone folder. Wait until you get a message then go to settings- personalisation-system-notifications & actions and under show notification tap the item you want to change.

    4. SMS and Call Blocking
    Recently this was a potential deal breaker for me for going back to 8.1 as stupid scam artists have got hold of my number, trying to sell me anything from PPI to life cover. If you have done step 2 correctly you will have the calls+sms blocking app installed. Go to settings-system-phone, scroll to the bottom and under default apps select choose apps. Under the call + messaging section select call+sms filter.

    It looks like Microsoft maybe tinkering with replacing the call+sms filter as sometimes in this section there is another app listed but does not work causing the crashing.

    5. Crash when entering the people hub.
    For me, this was occurring because I had more than one email account added where I didnt have contacts synchronised. Go to the accounts under the mail/calendar apps and enable contact syncing.
    06-30-2015 03:15 AM

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