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    I am having Lumia 640 XL in India and I updated it with Windows 10 two days back. I am in the "Insider Slow" ring.

    In this thread, I intend to list all bugs that I encounter with it and I also intend to update them as much as I can.

    Note: Lumia 640 XL is the only phone that I have currently and it is my daily driver.
    Hardware: Lumia 640XL dual sim without LTE (India)
    Current build: 10.0.10149.0
    Date: 1st July 2015

    LAST EDIT: 9th July 2015
    Back to Windows 8.1
    The last few days has been very very bad. There was lot of problems I just couldn't list it all. I did a hard reset and things went from bad to really worse.
    So finally I decided to go back to Windows phone 8.1 and now it is like a breath of fresh air.

    P.S One thing I really don't understand is whether I am posting in the wrong thread or this forum itself is dead.
    I didn't even get a single reply to this post all these days. (I know that people here would tell me to post the bugs in Windows feedback app in the phone and I have already done that)
    So the lack of response is another reason I am not listing all the bugs here in a detailed manner and I am stopping editing this post.


    1) SD card is not detected sometimes. The micro SD card that I am using is Strontium 64 GB (Amazon.in: Buy Strontium Nitro 566X 64GB MicroSDXC UHS-1 Memory Card with Adapter and Card Reader Online at Low Prices in India | Strontium Reviews & Ratings)
    When my phone has been in sleep for long time (more than 1 hour) or when I restart my phone, micro SD card is not getting detected sometimes. I have to restart my phone once or twice so that it gets detected again.

    2) 2G or 3G mobile internet rarely works. It was working fine when I was with Windows 8.1 on the same mobile. But now it works only very rarely. I am having Airtel sim card in Maharashtra, India.

    3) when I click on the "quiet hours" menu option under quick settings from home screen, nothing happens. I mean that there is no toggle or any settings window doesn't open.

    4)The icons in ALL quick settings options except for "connect", "note" and "All Settings" blinks.

    5) when I try to uninstall an app by long pressing on the app's name and choosing "uninstall" it doesn't get uninstalled.


    1) I had forgotten to claim the free office 365 gift from the windows store. I remembered it only after I installed Windows 10 build 10149. When I try to search for the app in Store or Store beta, I do not find it. I downloaded the installation file from PC and transferred it to mobile. I could install it after many tries. When I try to open it, it says that I should "buy" the app first. When I follow the link using Store beta, I get a message that office 365 gift is no loner available. However I know for sure that Office 365 gift offer is available in India till August. But still I am not able to do it.

    2) For the above reason , I wanted to go back to Windows 8.1 for once so that I can install gift app. But when I connect my phone to Microsoft phone recovery tool, it says that I already have the latest build. So I am not able to revert to Windiws8.1.


    1) When we choose the time for setting an alarm, the tick symbol is on the left and the cross symbol is on the right. However, I feel that it will be more intuitive if they are reversed.

    Latest edit: 2nd july 2015.
    Update: 4th July 2015 - no other bugs discovered by me as of now.
    I will update this post with more details later
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