1. pureview_lvr's Avatar
    As windows 10 mobile os official launch is coming in few months.
    And probably new flagship lumia will also come .since Microsoft currently focused on low and mid range phones. Which phone will next flagship among those mentioned or you can also say which current phone's
    Successor will become flagship.
    07-07-2015 05:42 AM
  2. pureview_lvr's Avatar
    Although all are flagship but initial launch.....who becomes first one ?
    07-07-2015 05:46 AM
  3. kklemn's Avatar
    win10mobile is still like 3 months away... after the desktop version will be available, we will maybe see first leaks for the new devices... although since hardware division is under Microsoft, they keep secrets hidden very well! (remember the MS Band and surface 3)... so we can't really tell for sure :) it might be released tomorrow! ;)
    07-07-2015 05:57 AM

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