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    Alright, guys. I might seem angry and stupid, but just bear with me. I've tested a W10M preview build a long while back I don't even remember the version. But I came back with 10149, which was an absolute disappoinment. Some people said it was good for a daily driver, and that was a horrible advice. They were wrong as the night is long. LOL. Build 10149 was laggy and full of bugs and crap. I understand it's a TP that's why it's ok to be full of bugs (But, it certainly wasn't good for a daily driver...). I saw a post about the leaked screenshot from build 1016X and I was excited as hell. I liked how everything looked, and the bigger battery icon surely convinced me that there's hope. Two major bugs I faced with build 10149 were that Battery Saver didn't work, you could turn it on and still get notifications and stuff from apps like Whatsapp. And I thought, well, that clearly is still in the works since the Background Apps section wouldn't open too. The second one was the most frustrating bug I ever faced in my Life. I live in my parents' house for the time, and I have no internet here. I use my phone as Hotspot, and guess what, Mobile Hotspot automatically turns off when the screen locks??!???!!!?!!!. Wtf? How could that even be possible? I tried a Hard reset, restarted the PC and still, once the screen locked the Hotspot kicks you out and you can't connect to it (Even though, it's visible...) Unless you unlock your phone. Finally it sorted itself out after MULTIPLE Hardresets. The whole point of this post is, these two bugs are still there in build 10166. I could understand if the Battery Saver thing is actually a bug, and I'm not alone on it, but would someone please explain to me how the **** is the Hotspot bug even possible? Am I the only one? It can't be, I tried everything, and I reverted back to WP 8.1 to make sure, and it works!!

    Sorry for the long post...
    07-10-2015 08:49 PM
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    the battery saver is working you must search for battery saver in the setting and then scroll down to battery saver setting and there you can choose when you want battery saver to turn on and if you want to allow push notification from any app while in battery saver but you can't add exception for one app its still in work
    07-10-2015 08:57 PM
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    Well. It is ok to be angry and frustated on Window 10 Mobile Preview. I have faced other issues on it as well.

    But i did mistake to install it on my main phone as daily driver. Phone and PC are different device. If you insall preview on PC and it got stuck then you can fix it any time but if phone get stuck with preview build at bad time or in emergency time then it cost you a lot.

    So have some pateince and don't install it on you main daily driver phone. Every software is buggy whetever final or preview. So just chill down my friend and wait for the bright future of Window 10 mobile with continoum feature.
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    07-10-2015 09:03 PM
  4. Faridg22's Avatar
    I think you have resumed everything in one goal, I did installed W10 on my daily device twice and I had to get back to W8.1 so I have to be patient untill the official release
    07-10-2015 09:26 PM
  5. InspectHerGadget's Avatar
    I think one might be brave even getting the first official release.

    Telstra here in Australia often delay big releases like these for a few months or so while they test it. They then release it on the network when they're happy that they aren't going to get swamped by unhappy customers.

    I'm happy to wait until then.
    07-11-2015 12:31 AM

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