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    I have the Nokia 1520 and I interested customers of mine sometimes express an interest in getting one here in Perth Australia. It is almost embarrassing (my business is computing with home users and small business), to say, well, nobody sells them here any more. You can get them imported from Hong Kong though? You imagine showing someone a Samsung Note and then saying, well, no not available here in Australia but you can go onto ebay and order one from Hong Kong (which doesn't come with a manufacturers warranty).

    I've been hoping on hope that Windows 10 mobile will be the start of good days for Windows Phones. I've made excuses for them being preoccupied with a major takeover of Nokia, which is probably true. They've made a huge number of mistakes and missteps in the market from which no smaller company could ever recover from. They haven't come out with a new flagship phone this year and haven't even made a phone with a pen similar to the Samsung Note even though they have a clear lead with OneNote.

    I have a fight going on in my mind between sticking to WP in the hope that I might be able to get something like a Samsung Note sometime in the near future or just buying the Samsung Note 5 when it comes out and wait two years and see what happens with WP in the meantime.

    I watch the same news and posts everyone else watches and wonder what is in store? I suppose it was a good thing that Microsoft just went all out to integrate Nokia rather than keeping it as a Finnish outpost and intact. It is bad for Finland but probably necessary that Microsoft fully subsumes Nokia while leaving key and talented design staff in Finland (I'm guessing).

    Unfortunately, mass sackings reducing the Finnish staff from 3200 to 900 is a bit of a shock that sends negative waves to all who care to listen. It is a bold decision. Obviously the business needs to make rather than lose money and I agree having dozens of cheap phones which make little or no money or even loses money is a short term effort to get WP up and staggering (again). I just wonder sometimes if the ref will stop the fight to protect the courageous WP fighter from permanent brain damage after being knocked down one to many times only to get up swinging wildly and dribbling onto the canvas, eyes unfocussed and mumbling about someone called Steve(s).
    07-10-2015 11:37 PM

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