1. Shubham k's Avatar
    Hey I am Shubham I am trying to update my phone to build 10166.........but i am unable to because of above error i tried resetting my phone but no luck............requested assistance.......plz help
    07-12-2015 10:18 AM
  2. KamalGupta's Avatar
    Is that your primary device
    07-12-2015 10:25 AM
  3. Aurimas Navardauskas's Avatar
    I have same error code 0x80246007 when trying to update to 10166.

    <<< System >>> Device Model: Nokia Lumia 635 Device Type: Phone Manufacturer: NOKIA Product Name: RM-974_1040 SKU: NOKIA RM-974_1040 Hardware Version: 4.1.0. Firmware Version: 02040.00021.15053.36005 Root Device Manufacturer: Nokia Root Device Model: P6112 Root Device Category: Computer.Portable Installed RAM: 512 MB Internal Storage Capacity: 4872 MB Internal Storage Free Space: 2448 MB <<< CPU >>> SoC Model: Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 (MSM8926) Core Architecture: ARM Cortex-A7 Manufacturing Process: 28 nm Instruction Set: 32-bit ARMv7 CPU Revision: r0p3 CPU Cores: 4 CPU Clock: 1200 MHz <<< Display >>> Screen Resolution: 480 x 800 Technology: IPS LCD Screen Size: 55 mm x 93 mm Screen Diagonal: 4.25 inches Pixel Density: 220 dpi xdpi / ydpi: 221 / 219 dpi GPU Model: Qualcomm Adreno 305 GPU Vendor ID: 4D4F4351h (Qualcomm) GPU Device ID: 46363432h Shared System Memory: 192 MB Default Orientation: Portrait <<< Network >>> << Bluetooth Network Connection >> Profile Name: Bluetooth Network Connection Connectivity Level: None Domain Connectivity Level: None IANA Interface Type: Ethernet Network Authentication Type: None Network Encryption Type: None Domain Connectivity Level: None Signal Strength: 100 % IANA Interface
    07-12-2015 12:48 PM
  4. abitshek's Avatar
    I too am having the same problem on my Lumia 720. And I have tried almost everything, from rebooting the phone numerous times to doing a hard reset a couple of times. Just a quick question.. Do you have a slow internet connection?
    07-13-2015 01:04 AM
  5. Rising Mos's Avatar
    Are you currently on older win10 build or 8.1? You can try reverting to 8.1 and trying to upgrade from there.
    07-13-2015 01:14 AM
  6. RumoredNow's Avatar
    Moved to appropriate forum...

    As per this advice: http://forums.windowscentral.com/ask...ion-forum.html WC members are free to post in all areas of the board. Please use Ask a Question only for time critical help issues that affect the immediate functionality of your device.
    Harrie-S likes this.
    07-13-2015 02:53 PM
  7. AyAyRon96's Avatar
    I'm facing the same error code upgrading to 10586.11 from 10549 on my Lumia 1020
    12-08-2015 03:23 PM
  8. Pierre Christen's Avatar
    same error code while trying to install Insider Preview 14977 on my Lumia 950XL.

    Any clue what to do?
    01-20-2017 07:09 AM

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