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    Just a heads up when doing backups using 10166... and I have this EXACT process happening on a 1520, Icon, and 640 after a proper hard reset for the people who like to jump on that bandwagon lol...

    When I log into OneDrive and manually delete my backups, then go to the device to start a backup (connected to Wi-Fi), the phones appear to go thru the backup process. Then when it appears to complete it will say "Backup disabled". Back out of the settings, wait a couple minutes, then go back to Backup. You will notice the first 2 options are turned to off, then when you refresh you OneDrive the updates don't show up.

    HOWEVER, if you turn these back to on and do a manual backup AGAIN, it will all work correctly, the backup shows up on OneDrive and the settings are not turned off and it doesn't say backup disabled after.

    This bit me in the *** a couple years ago so I always log into my OneDrive, delete a backup, then do it manually and be sure I can see the backup online after. Good thing I still do this!
    07-14-2015 11:32 AM

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