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  1. rgis1369's Avatar
    Is it coming? Do u know anything about it?
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    07-14-2015 11:02 AM
  2. Harrie-S's Avatar
    No and no idea.
    07-14-2015 11:06 AM
  3. xandros9's Avatar
    No, and its not "when" its "if"
    07-14-2015 11:07 AM
  4. a5cent's Avatar
    Deriving the correct graphical password pattern (a feature provided by Android) based on screen smudges is quite a bit simpler than deriving the correct PIN from the smudges on a 3x3 number pad. Some studies have had over a 90% success rate.

    I don't think this is the type of feature people should be encouraged to use. As it does exist on W10, it could be argued it should eventually pop up in W10M, but due to the Windows Hello features being included in W10M (iris scanning, facial recognition and fingerprint sensing), I now doubt we'll ever see this insecure feature on W10M... thankfully.

    This might help.
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    07-14-2015 11:14 AM
  5. Kram Sacul's Avatar
    I rather have picture password from 8.1. Surprised that was never carried over to WP 8.1.
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    07-14-2015 04:34 PM

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