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    I am on the fast track preview. This weekend I had an issue occur twice. I used airplane mode, then when I turned it off, I would not longer get group mms. It would just display the download icon, and when I tapped it, nothing happened. For the day, I kept getting these (they came individually from each sender) but could not download or read any of them. I messed around in the settings and eventually it worked again. The next day it happened again, same scenario.

    The setting that seems to do the trick is in the setting>messaging>SMS/MMS. I turned off MMS group text, the I turned it back on. I then turned on "allow mms if cellular data is off". Boom, all my 20-30 messages would now download when I tapped download, and when they were done, it grouped them together.

    Just thought I would share in case someone else experiences the issue.

    For the record, using a Lumia Icon on Verizon.
    07-19-2015 02:50 PM

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