1. Mad Cabbie's Avatar
    Hello all,

    I wasn't a desktop insider, and have just had my upgrade from 8.1. When 10 comes to mobile, I will feel totally vindicated in my choice of phone. Is this how MS have seen it? Using 10166 on my 930, with 10 desktop, the whole experience JUST WORKS. The start screen, cortana, the apps (news, sport, weather) can all be set up like the start on my phone. Even the Mrs liked the look and how both devices could work seamlessly together. She got the hump that here maps wouldn't download on the PC, the usual try again message.

    Quite excited about the final mobile build now, and hopefully MS can get their heads out of their butts and market it properly / professionally, and get a few more on board!!
    07-29-2015 03:51 PM
  2. Sedp23's Avatar
    Does the start screen on the pc sync from the start screen on your phone ?
    07-29-2015 08:14 PM
  3. Mad Cabbie's Avatar
    Do you know what...I hadn't noticed! LOL I do know that your calendar syncs as the chimes made me jump earlier, and notification centre told me I had a taxi job booked in! Now I can enter stuff in calendar on PC and sync to phone. Yay! Less paper and pens
    07-30-2015 11:53 PM

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