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    First of all my phone is a 32G Lumia 1020 using US Region and US English as system language.

    In the spirit of Windows 10 release exactly a week ago I decided to join the insider program to update my phone to Windows 10 Mobile Preview.
    So here I am, a week later, still using Win10Mobile. TBH I did have some urges to roll back to 8.1 because it's just inconvenient to experience all kinds of bugs from time to time. But some positive things do stand out and keep me from rolling back to 8.1

    So you might think I'm here to spread negativities but it's a unfinished, buggy system. It's simply to early to praise.

    1. Windows Maps is just not good enough comparing to HERE maps and HERE drive. I'd like to have the app to show me the direction I'm facing. The navigation function in Windows Map is basically a joke.
    2. the never-ending loading start screen, do I have say more? :D
    3. Where is Bing Vision? Do I really need a thrid party app to scan QR code?
    4. Cortana is not usable right now, she isn't telling me anything. I won't get any answers back.
    5. Significant battery drain when using maps and camera
    6. I begin to understand why Nokia marketed 1020 as a super-zoom camera phone and have to create a 5MP compressed picture when taking a picture, because the CPU just can't handle the full resolution.
    7. You can't really launch anything from locked state. You can't launch the camera, you can't open notifications after entering the password of course.

    Enough of all the negativities here is some treats for everyone:
    it's the most annoying thing ever, but basically you still can use your phone but you have to launch everything from Cortana/Search.
    At first I thought the phone simply needed time to load everything, then I found out you can actually launch apps from Cortana, so clearly the OS is really to do its work. Then I noticed the phone need really long time to actually launch the actual phone app, once I entered my SIM card pin, the start screen shows up immediately. So I figured why not launch the phone app trying to call someone and enter my SIM card pin. It did work, occasionally. So the phone app can't be the real source of this issue.
    the never-ending loading screen also appear when trying to turn on the screen too fast after it's been turned off automatically. It's very very annoying when reading something and the screen turned off itself only to go back to the never-ending loading screen.
    Then it strikes me, it must be a rendering problem of the start screen, how do resolve something when you can't do it the first time, you do it again.

    TL, DR:

    go to the settings via Cortana -> Personalization -> Start -> change your background type once or twice
    then push windows button

    hopefully you can see your start screen now :D
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    Thank you sooo much ! I worked as magic :D even the phone app works smoothly now :D
    08-06-2015 09:14 AM
  3. webboy998's Avatar
    glad I can help
    08-07-2015 09:31 PM

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