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    Hello all after experiencing this issue at odd times and being able to replicate the problem on the fly now on Lumia 640 with Windows 10 preview. Here is a so far 100% way to fix it that I've tested several times. The 1st part is how I replicated the issue and the 2nd will be how I worked it out and 3rd will be the fix.

    1st, I noticed doing restarts that the phone would suddenly lose sd card rights. However, when going to the settings and storage. The SD card would show up there. I would also click on it and it would show that it was reading it correctly but when returning to start screen, there would still be no access to apps or files. So, I decided to restart the phone 2 different ways. Restart it during charging and while not charging. Tests showed that during charging, the issue was guaranteed to happen. While not charging, it was rarely seen at times.

    2nd, So working on computers and tech all my life, I naturally did the smart thing. Remove the battery and sdcard then put them back in after waiting a minute. However, this didn't fix the issue a majority of the times. So it then occurred to me that if the Windows 10 preview is reading the card in the OS but not correctly telling the OS that it's there. It must be a coding issue. Since I can't fix coding issues during a preview, what's the next best thing to do? Soft Restart of course! Heh, after a couple of times of when to do the soft restart and several times of performing the solution. This is how I solved the issue so far.

    3rd, First turn off the phone, remove the battery and sdcard. You don't need to wait a certain time. You can put it back in immediately but if you want to be sure, wait 2-3 seconds. Power the phone back on, if the sdcard isn't showing. Goto the All Settings, System, Storage, SD card and wait for it to update. If it shows that the SD card isn't installed. You need to restart from the beginning. After you restart the process to Update step, now hit the power and down volume button at the same time. Keep holding until it soft reboots. Wait for it and then like magic, it should be working again!
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