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    Had 10166 installed for some time, but this isn't even isolated to Windows 10.

    I've been caught in trouble twice this past week due to notifications and alerts not being received.

    First instance was early this week, my phone pops up to tell me it's a friends birthday tomorrow, I look at the screen, and ignore it and didn't dismiss the alert. Some hours later my boss is asking why I didn't reply to this text she sent me an hour ago. Check my phone, no text has hit my phone. I unlock the phone, notice the alert for the friends birthday, hit dismiss, then I get a new notification pop up saying I've got a new text from my boss, my wife and everyone else who'd sent me texts over the course of the morning.

    Why did not clearing the birthday notification hold up my texts to my phone?

    And today, wondering why one of the employees hadn't arrived at work, after 30 minutes, check my phone, nothing, unlock my phone to find the same thing has happened, because I hadn't cleared the Store after installing Facebook messenger app this morning at 7am it had held up all my notifications. 2 missed calls, 3 texts and a Facebook message.

    My wife is getting pretty pissed off with me because I never get her messages, I can get some pretty urgent messages at times for work and they're time important, if I don't get messages until i physically open the app whether it's FB or Windows Mesaaging app, what's the point of notifications!

    This issue is so sporadic, even hard resets hasn't fixed this issue. It was the same in 8.1
    08-07-2015 04:41 AM

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