1. Alfa Kapa's Avatar
    Hey, after 1 month of using W10m TP,
    I just had the most weird experience with the build 10166 on my regular driver- Lumia 730.

    It started when I opened the store app in order to search for apps.
    The download icon showed up, I pressed it and there was tubecast updating..
    I told myself ''sweet, tubecast is updating once again, they are on fire lately!''

    I opened the app in order to see the ''what's new'' changelog and I realised that the app had downgraded 1 version!
    Then I went back to store and pressed again the ''check for updates'' button.. Here it was, updating again!
    I went back to tubecast and again it downgraded 1 version!!!
    Long story short, the last time I did the ''upgrade-but-in-reality-downgrade-thingy'' the app showed the version (which is 6 versions old!!)
    Then I thought what the hell, I'll delete it and reinstall it.. But nope, it couldn't be deleted! I tried to delete it fron the settings and it finally got deleted!
    ..But it is still showing on the apps list without an icon and below tubecast saying ''Error'' and when you long press it, there is only the option to pin it in the start :P

    So yeah.. I'm in the waiting line for the new build :P
    08-12-2015 02:58 AM
  2. kobe_mvp's Avatar
    yes it happens to me with tubecast/readit, from what i understand i think it is an problem related to how the system handle temp file
    08-12-2015 06:58 AM

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