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    There was a thread earlier in the week about whether or not people would continue with a Windows Phone, into the Windows 10 program. Lots of people are very negative and I was surprised. I do understand about the problem with websites, especially bank websites, because she can't always use the regular website because there are panes that just float around in interrupt inputting. That seems to be the big downside with a Windows Phone.

    However, I have a galaxy note 2 and I am fed up with the fact that it doesn't interface well with Microsoft Office and outlook contacts. For example the notes field holds about 33 lines in android and unlimited in Windows Mobile. That's one of the reasons I want a Windows phone plus I heard they were pretty good and very stable.

    I don't use Xbox so I don't need that feature at all and it means nothing to me. I use Facebook Skype, Twitter, emails, text messages, match.com, and the other dating sites, word with friends, LinkedIn in Major League Baseball. Forgetting about the bank am I going to have problems with those other sites. Ironically I am dictating into the phone and it is working almost perfectly on this site, I wonder why.

    So, now that you've seen what I use and then I really want a good interface with MS Office and outlook are there reasons why I shouldn't buy Windows Phone. Some people are really fed up and I don't know why as this is the first time I've seen that.
    09-02-2015 11:02 PM
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    I can list something below that could help you decide

    Why you should have a Windows phone
    • Stability
    • great hardware
    • amazing cameras
    • amazing camera apps and a great variety
    • clean smooth fast interface
    • very few bloatware
    • great customization options
    • MS office
    • same experience across all models since all have the same OS version
    • Word flow that makes typing so much easier

    Why you might not want a Windows phone
    • Updates are slow to roll out for OS worldwide
    • Some app updates are also slow in rollout like Whatsapp
    • Accessories are difficul to find in many countries

    I'm not sure what the banking issue is about but you can try other browsers apart from IE or EDGE, like UC browser

    The thing is there are workarounds for some issues but you need to ask for them. Like Instagram isn't fully there with features but there's an app called 6tag that gives you everything. You want to disable images when browsing? Use UC browser. things like that
    09-03-2015 04:27 AM

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