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    Hi guys since there isn't a big lumia 930 fan base out there, I have the obligation of telling you how Windows 10 mobile is working on the latest flagship Nokia made.
    Well, on build 10512 the phone runs surprisingly fast it's a more polished build and it doesn't turn my phone into a stove. This is amazing.
    Yeah the lock screen bug is there but it doesn't make such of a big deal.

    Even though the build is more polished ( the 930 is my daily driver ) I would not recommend it for your daily driver of choice. I dont mind bugs as I'm always giving active feedback and get the best mobile os in top shape.

    Hope you liked my post and feel free to share your experience so far with Windows 10 Mobile.
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    09-03-2015 01:41 AM
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    As an user of L930, which is my primary device. I installed 10080 build, which had a lot of bugs. Then I rolled back to w8.1 update 2. But Now the battery is draining quickly. I won't suggest update 2 for wp. Your review of build 10512 is really helpful.

    Can you please elaborate the bugs you found in that build in your L930
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    09-03-2015 05:24 AM
  3. Eduard Vlad Ilie's Avatar
    Well where should I start...

    1. The lockscreen: The bug was listed in build 10512 changelog and consists of the clock on the lockscreen to appear after 2-3 seconds after the background shows up. It doesnt bother much because you dont have to wait for it to load, but you cant see the clock at a glance since you have to wait for ut to come up.

    2. I found bugs with Windows 8.1 apps on my Windows 10 mobile. The most common ones are excessive loading screens, occasionally app freeze, rarely an OS freeze and app working (that's odd I know but I happened a couple of times).
    From my experience I found Whatsapp to be taking long loading screens or launching the app in a black background.
    (Note: When random apps freeze, if you try to use even the basic ones like news you will end up with a loading screen)

    3. Well the Lumia 930 has a reputation of turning into lava very fast, With Windows 10 however it doesnt occur as much as with 8.1. With heavy usage it does heat up and things start to load for a longer time, screen fades into dark and can't use your phone without rebooting it. ( volume down and lock ).

    4. Camera launching from the hardware button often launching on half of the screen with the whole ui. ( I found that funny ) but you can still take pictures.

    5. Quiet hours button in action center always blinking which is annoying.

    6. You can't use the Whatsapp camera to shot and share. If you use the os camera be sure to enter the photos app so that the album can be updated with the photos you just took. 8.1 didn't had this issue.

    All the other stuff in the os works just fine, edge works very well, battery life seems longer, and the whole os feels snappier than 10125.
    09-04-2015 12:35 AM
  4. DCTF's Avatar
    I've just reset my 930 because everything about the latest build was so frustrating, and I've got an event coming up where my phone absolutely must be working properly. I told the system to proceed without using a backup, and after going through all the steps to connect my Wifi, Live account, and begin clean with no backup... I'm on a fresh 10512! This is very strange, but I suppose I'll give it another day of this latest install to see if anything is magically different now.

    [edit] In more detail:

    - Same as you, I had app freezes. I keep my open apps to a minimum anyway, but I was having regular freezes even with system apps like Mail. You do something in, for example, Mail, tab out to something else for a while, come back to Mail and discover that it's completely unresponsive. Open Tabs, swipe to shut down that app, then click Home key, and instead of being shown the Start screen right away you'll get a few seconds of the closed app instead.

    - Ridiculous issues with Edge. You type in a URL, the blue line zips across, except the line is not relevant to whether the system is actually ready to display the new page. It just stops. Sometimes if you leave it, it will eventually load the next page, but often it's simply stuck. Refresh might make it load, or it might not. If you type in a different URL instead, it'll do the blue line indicator again to pretend it's loaded that other site, but often it will instead show you the one it was just refusing to load a minute ago.

    - Apps in general take way too long to do all kinds of very simple tasks. Mail is the worst offender for making me stare at the dot abacus animation for ages - often upwards of ten minutes to check my mail, or even just to open a mail from the "Download message and images" prompt, over an 80Mbit connection.

    - The lockscreen bug, too: only a mild irritation, but another thing that's just strange to see at this point. Same with the Quiet Hours blinking alert - no way to switch that off as far as I can tell.
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    09-04-2015 06:17 AM
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    Also all the lumia dedicated apps are now gone giving us a plain and simple camera app. Shutting down services once listed only for premium phone lives us with only a beefed up phone with the same things as the most basic Windows Phone.
    09-04-2015 03:42 PM
  6. Abishek Robinson's Avatar
    We see windows mobile grow like watching closely a hair growing.. Build 10536 should've solved these issues. Isn't it?
    Are you satisfied with the recent build on Lumia 930?
    09-23-2015 01:04 PM

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