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    Folks running WM10 on **supported devices** can re-enable Glance Screen under the Extras menu under Settings after a hard reset using this method. I am going to keep this extremely simple.

    Tools needed can be downloaded from here.

    1. Enable "Developer Mode" on phone
    2. Download WP8.1SDKLite.zip from above link, unzip and run InstallWP81SDKToolsLite.bat to install WP Deployment Tools
    3. Download Root Too.xap from the link above
    4. Download StandbySettings.xap from the link above
    5. Run Windows Phone Developer Registration 8.1 from PC, connect phone and follow instructions to register as a developer
    6. Using Windows Phone Application Deployment 8.1, deploy Root Tool.xap and Interop Unlock from within the app
    7. Deploy StandbySettings.xap using similar method as above
    8. Glance Screen should now be visible under the Extras menu in Settings

    • MS has pulled the Glance Screen settings app from the Windows Store so direct links (through SysApp Pusher) don't work any more. This guide will enable the settings until MS updates the app to be WM10 compatible (could be as early as Oct 6th)
    • I do not own any of the software used here. StandbySettings.xap was downloaded from this link.
    • I would not be taking any responsibility if you damage/brick your device (mostly you won't) although any software glitches (none experienced so far) can be fixed after a soft or hard reset
    • I am using this currently on my 1520 running build 10536 w/ Denim firmware and it works for changing glance settings, including changing the background picture.
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