1. sanu rajan1's Avatar
    I am always hearing people say W10M is feature complete and was wondering what does this mean .Does it mean that the features we have seen in builds till now are the only new features or does it mean that many new feature are ready and will be added in the W10m final releases or future builds.
    10-13-2015 11:59 PM
  2. ayngling's Avatar
    It means the former, that what you see has all the intended features.
    10-14-2015 01:51 AM
  3. Paolo Ferrazza's Avatar
    It means it has enough features to go live, then again w10m will have tons of updates like w10 so it will never be complete!
    10-14-2015 06:37 AM
  4. Zulfigar's Avatar
    It means the core OS has all the features it'll have up-to release. However, like in the case of Messenger recently, anything "new" can be released as an app update, which doesn't affect the OS. :)
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    10-14-2015 06:59 AM
  5. a5cent's Avatar
    That (mis)information comes from an interview TheVerge held with Mr. Belfiore:

    The phone is significantly feature complete, but we'll continue to polish and tweak and iterate the things that still need to work. We'll put features in right up near the end. But in general, the broad feature set is set.

    Being significantly feature complete, is not the same thing as the OS being feature complete. Period. Belfiore also said they would be adding features right up near the end. At the time that was first stated, we certainly weren't anywhere close to "the end". Maybe we are now, but either way, it's still pretty much irrelevant, because Zulfiger is right.

    In a nutshell, for the average consumer, the statement that the OS is feature complete means absolutely nothing!

    The features consumers care about are delivered through apps, not the OS. You can be sure that the week W10M is delivered to our existing handsets, is the same week people will be getting many new features through app updates. The overwhelming majority of consumes are oblivious to OS level feature updates. Those are typically of more interest to developers than they are to consumers.

    In summary, that statement is only true if you don't care about scratching any deeper than the surface, and even then it's not really that relevant to consumers.
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    10-14-2015 08:29 AM

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