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    Hey everyone,

    Here are the deets:
    Microsoft People 10.0.2650.0
    Facebook Beta (was newest, may change soon)

    I've gone through and made sure that all of my contacts are linked between all respective contact accounts (Outlook, "Work", Facebook Beta).

    ---Actually never mind. I was originally going to ask if there was a way to fix my contacts picture to turn back to their current facebook profile pictures, which in the middle of checking MS's version number for their FB Beta app led me to thinking... "well maybe if I sign out and log back in to it" which was no dice.
    -So then I thought, well let me uninstall the app and reinstall it.

    Side note: Just about 30 minutes ago I decided to mess around with the DPI settings slider, its pretty neat in regards to how it affects messaging, store, Edge, etc. So I had it slid all the way to the left (I'm on a 1520)

    So i reinstall the FB Beta app, and log in to it, BUT it's the previous version, the version where it's not clean and newest and... whichever version came out in the past few days.

    I go to the store and check for updates, and a ton of them were listed. Whether that was related to me changing my DPI settings I'm not sure.
    But, the FB Beta app wasn't updated, which now my contacts have their active profile pictures. I just checked again for an update and the FB beta app is still not the "newest/latest" I guess I'll see if that disconnect between profile pictures and contacts happen if/when the beta app gets re-updated again.

    I guess I just continued with this post cus it was interesting.
    10-16-2015 05:54 PM

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