1. ricardocr's Avatar
    I want to start a real discussion about this topic since from the latest build I came to realize something, I do not see one single real improvement at wm10 when I compare it to 8.1
    Please avoid the "it is still a beta, work in progress and all that", that was valid 8 months ago, not anymore, not after the PC version was released...
    Before I start, let me say, I came from a long list of MS\OS devices, I had a Omia with windows 6.5, then a samsung focus with windows 7.5, a lumia 1020,a lumia 830, a surface and a Band so I think that I am entitle to this.
    Yes, not we have more space at the screen, something that could have been changed at "8.2", real background image, nice, but not that "useful"
    A buggy and in progress outlook app that replaced something that in my eyes was working just fine (let's face it, MS has had worked on outlook for 20 years, it is not acceptable that the app is that buggy, even if we are talking about a "beta", specially when the previous build was working better, a new iteration should NEVER go backwards)
    A awful browser that lacks tons of options and force you to use bing, I suppose that will be added later
    Apps that do not work anymore, and that were working at 8.1 (Teamviewer for example)
    The configuration was organized in a better way
    the promise of continuum, that sounds nice, but I am not sure about how portable is this, I mean, if I have a monitor a keyboard and a mouse laying around at home, it is very likely that I will also have a cpu attached to them, do not get me wrong, it seems to be a nice feauture, but I will need to test it as to see how good is that
    The promise of universal apps, something that at least I do not see happening in a year's spam, if we considered that MS hasn't been able to fix really simple issues from the new Store.
    Where is the WOW factor? what is that big Leap?
    Aside from that, I do not see the tons of changes and improvements that I would expect for such a big change, after months of development and the input of thousands of beta testers, most companies do not have that amount of input and tests and still are able to provide sofware not as full of bugs at each release
    I've been trying to get all the people around me to use windows phones but I am really starting to lose my faith, so I am looking for input, maybe I do not see something or I am missing some geat new features at WM10, I just came back to 8.1 and it feels like waking up from a nightmare and I found that I am not missing any of the new stuff...
    I just have this feeling that WM is not a priority at all, I am losing my faith
    10-19-2015 11:44 AM
  2. snakebitten's Avatar
    You won't like my answer..........but the significant improvement between Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 isn't yet realized.
    After Windows 10 is 2-3 years old, as Windows 8 is currently, rephrase the question again. Because I believe it would require rephrasing.

    But I get your point. In fact, for the most part, there isn't a significant gain, yet.
    10-19-2015 11:49 AM

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