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    So, I'm running the newest builds on both my phone (10572) and on my pc (10565).

    I can now confirm that I can send a text messaging using cortana on a PC. I ask cortana to send a text (to one of my phone contacts) and she says that she sends it. My phone vibrates, and cortana on my phone tells me that she sent the message for me. I check my messages and I see that it was, indeed, sent.

    This is very cool. However, that is the only functionality that I'm seeing. The messaging and skype apps on my pc are still only showing my Skype message history and contacts. I don't see any way to send an SMS from my pc through the messaging history. So far, this seems to be a Cortana only function.

    What experiences have you all had? Do you see any more features or functions that I'm missing?
    10-21-2015 11:32 AM

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