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    We all know of the infamous phantom-touch bug with the Lumia 1520. Well, in a lovely moment of Glitchy McGlitchiness, my Lumia 520 has acquired this bug. It's currently sitting there, opening the Store and moving Live Tiles around, occasionally going to Groove Music, completely without my...encouragement. The keyboard is completely unusable. I tried sending feedback about how the Get Started app STILL uses screenshots from Windows Phone 8.1 (with some Windows 10 Mobile bits Photoshop-ped in) and the keyboard just went nuts. Then trying to submit feedback about how the keyboard was going nuts was nearly impossible. I thought it was just the keyboard at first but a few minutes later I looked over and my phone had opened up Groove Music. Sigh. This is a clean install of Build 10572 and it only just started fifteen minutes ago. Soft reset did nothing. May have to do ANOTHER hard reset of this phone which is fun.
    10-26-2015 05:04 PM

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