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    Got a Lumia 640 XL. Preview build 10581. The volume buttons are driving me nuts. Has been with all Preview builds. There is a 'ringer+notification' volume adjustment and 'media+apps' volume adjustment.

    Normally the physical volume buttons on the phone adjust 'ringer+notification'. That's all fine until you wanna listen to a song or GPS navigation dictating directions, or watch something in Movie&TV apps. If you open Groove apps and use the buttons to adjust volume, you'll adjust the 'ringer+notification' volume. It does drop down with the slider. But to change the 'media+apps' volume for songs and movies and other stuff, you need to press the 'v' button towards the right of the slider to bring the drop down pane to adjust both volume preferences and use your finger to adjust the sliders for both 'types' of volume stream.

    Is there any way to link both of them as a global volume adjustment? So frikkin annoying. Especially when using Maps navigation, which I use a lot. Or listen to music or media. I'm assuming we need an app for this? So stupid and sad.
    10-30-2015 11:39 PM

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