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    I am quite frustrated with Windows 10 today. I got up this morning to participate in an all-day event to find that, even though I had explicitly set myself on the Slow Ring of the Windows Insider program and had set it to notify me to restart, it had done NEITHER and just gone ahead and updated me to Build 10576 over night. I like to have time to evaluate builds before I update to them (I was going to skip this one because the issues outweighed the improvements for me) but I wasn't even given a choice. I have once again set myself to the Slow Ring and for Windows to notify me before restarting, but I don't particularly expect either one to work like it's supposed to. Sigh.
    Anyways, that's not my problem. I had already missed the first two plus hours of this event, and I finally got online to start watching it just to get a BSOD with the error code VIDEO_SCHEDULER_INTERNAL_ERROR or something like this. Not the first time I've gotten it, either. Anyone have any fixes for this? I have now missed at least 3 hours of this event because of all of this.
    10-31-2015 09:47 AM

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