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    I spotted this as an idea from a member of our community in another thread. It might be helpful to collate all of the feedback we have across this community when trying out the Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview builds for the devices we own. Use this thread to report back if there are any specific areas for each device you have it loaded on that are 'performance blackholes' where some areas of the OS are running well and some aren't.

    Personally I've got this on a 920 and a 930.

    Lumia 920: The OS is getting quicker with each build and more responsive but still feels a bit sluggish when compared to the 'instant pop' nature of 8.1. Updates in the store seem quite slow to load, as well as the phone heating up fairly easily when using the store, browser or camera much more so than in 8.1

    Lumia 930: Compared to the 920, this is running nearly as well as 8.1 does on this device. It still needs some work on the battery life, and there are some bugs when recording video with the camera, but the overall performance is quite snappy. If I had to nail down a specific area where the phone slows down more than other areas on 10581 for me it has been when using the mail and messaging apps, which seem tcrash now and then and return me to the start menu.

    Remember: this isn't a thread to report general bugs in - just a thread to feedback the good and bad areas performance wise so we can spot problem areas to use the Feedback app to let MS know.
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    11-18-2015 08:57 AM
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    The latest build on my 640XL is also performing brilliantly. It is smooth and stable and I am looking forward to the final (to the extent that is) release. I also think visually W10M looks very good on the 640XL.
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    11-18-2015 09:19 AM
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    Build is working great on my Lumia 640 (nonXL variety). Did a reset without restore after installing, then manually set everything up again.

    There were a number of bugs and slowdowns with the camera and photos apps, but those were resolved after uninstalling Lumia Moments and Lumia Camera. Apparently they were causing some issues. Since uninstalling the offending apps, the camera and photos apps perform quite well and are fast and smooth.

    My biggest issue is actually with a few apps that need to be updated properly for Windows 10, as they aren't behaving well.
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    11-18-2015 09:45 AM

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