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    Making a thread for people using the 1520 to give people an idea if they should install it or not. I'll use insider build 10586 since this is what the 950 is shipping with and use it as a baseline. All try to update the 1st post daily with peoples findings and crossing out bug fixes on the later builds. Remember this is only for the Lumia 1520 to keep the thread manageable.

    Bug list:
    1. Cortana specific music commands does not work (Play Artist Eagles, Play Song Hotel California or Play Playlist Rock)(Music lives on the SD card) I have not tried if it lives on the Phone.
    2. Living images - intermittent issue with living images not working. (Fixed Camera Update 11/24 Now working in Photos App too)
    3. Previewing last photo from the camera app takes a long to preview (~5 - 30 seconds) Shows finalizing seems post processing occurs at this time. (Fixed Camera Update 11/24)
    4. Previewing last photo snap from the camera app sometimes shows a black screen instead. (swiping to previous then back will fix the issue) (Fixed Camera Update 11/24)
    5. Facebook 10.1 - Contact syncing takes a long time to sync about 10 minutes for 100 of my contacts.

    Improvements from Windows 8.1:
    1. Phantom touch selections while scrolling occurs less.
    2. Overall better performance, faster screen transitions.
    3. Facebook App 10.1 feels a lot smoother with being able to play videos within the app.
    4. Action center - More shortcuts and has a flashlight shortcut.
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