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    Having been on this forum for a few months now I can see a certain trend

    Most users that have issues with the "app gap" are from USA and a few other developed countries. Apps missing are for banking, coffeehouses, restaurants, something called snapchat etc

    Most users who complain about slow updates are locked with carriers for some reason - again developed nations like USA

    Users wanting new phones every quarter and just flagship devices are also from developed nations

    Here's my view. Apple phones are premium phones for their high cost. Outside USA I don't believe any other country has a major demand for them. In a recent article, it was mentioned that apple has less than 1% market share in India. Point to note. Apple has the quality in the OS though it's too locked down

    Android phones come in all price ranges but the problem is the quality also varies with the price. Android users who frequently complain usually have a low to mid range device with an os that is meant for better spec'd phones.

    Windows phones on the other hand are kind of special. The cheapest ones perform almost as well as the best ones. Case in point - my brothers 520 and now 640 perform with the same speed as my 1020 and a friends 1520. We have the same consistent experience. Apps load with nearly the same speed. What differentiates is the hardware, not the software.

    I believe and wish MS would concentrate a lot more on the developing markets. Here we look for the low cost first and foremost. And that leaves either feature phones or windows phones or android phones. With windows phones one is sure of getting a consistent experience. I know workmates who still have the 520 and they perform better than the most recent android phones

    If MS can capture the low end market with budget phones like 540 and 640 then I believe through brand loyalty these same users will upgrade in the future to better spec'd phones. Brand loyalty is strong here.

    Let MS concentrate on emerging markets since apple isn't doing that at all while android offerings aren't reliable in most cases. Let MS make sure that services are readily available like accessories, office 365, repair centers and such
    01-23-2016 04:14 AM
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    Where have you been that's what they have been doing for the last couple of years with so many low and phones. But you're right windows phones have a better experience at the low end. Most people that complain here is all about the lack apps a first world problem. I think more apps are on the way. The market is getting saturated and the only place to go will be to developing nations. Iphone's will begin to lose market share I don't know why more apps are not coming out. People in developing countries can write apps as well.
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    01-23-2016 10:36 PM

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