1. Mad Cabbie's Avatar
    I have had search and nothing cropped up, so, here we are.

    Running a 930 with 10586.63, in UK, and the live tiles seem to die. MS news, MS Sport, Cortana all cease to be live.

    3rd party apps work fine. WC, Accuweather, along with the new maps tile. Does any one else suffer this? I've put .63 on all of our devices, 930, 2 640, 2 640xl and my great old 1320. All have the same issue. Even the 950's and the two 650's I've just got do it as well!

    I am stumped. Along with Cortana not displaying anything other than news, I have no idea. I rolled the 930 back to 8.1 and all was well, even Cortana live tile was good.

    Please tell me I am not the only one who has spotted this. Am I doing something wrong? With regards to Cortana, I even tried changing region to US, and still no joy. When I hard reset or back, then reinstall, Cortana doesn't ask for my name, even though I clear the 'cache' and online data. Is that normal??

    I contacted MSFT, and got the standard reply on their prompt sheets, soft reset, hard reset. Told them I'm not a bloody *****! So, being as most on here have more technical nous than MSFT, any suggestions would be nice.
    01-24-2016 07:36 AM
  2. Mad Cabbie's Avatar
    I guess I'm the only one then. Upgraded the wife's 640 xl last night from 8.1 to .63. Damned thing works on hers! Updates flights, shows what you pin in interests etc. Peeved is an under statement!. Got all pc's and laptops out. Rolled all back apart from 650's and 950's. Guess what? Every one of them now works.....except the 930!! Arrrggghhh
    01-25-2016 04:30 AM
  3. tool6996's Avatar
    All 3rd party live tiles are working on mine, except just the past couple days, Outlook Mail tiles are not updating unless I open the app and sometimes not even when I do that. Shows proper emails in the app but live tile remains to have X amount of unopened emails and preview of an old email. Have 4 accounts pinned, all do the same but its definitely random. In addition my Band 2 is not getting email notices or are very infrequent. .63 on 950 XL
    01-25-2016 03:03 PM

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