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    Last weekend, I set up a Lumia 640 for my brother. He needed Windows 10 for a specific app and had a lot of issues with his Lumia 920 and the W10m preview. At one point while setting up the 640, I was having issues getting some of the settings to update correctly in Windows 10. I tried using the WDRT (version 3.1.6), but at the step that the tool was supposed to reboot the phone to flashing mode, it just kept rebooting the phone with no changes being applied. After another master reset from the phone's settings, the updates finally began to install correctly for the settings, so I just left it as it was on the Insider preview.

    After I got that phone set up, I reset my old Lumia 920 and my brothers Lumia 920 using WDRT. Both were running build 10586.164, and both reset to the latest official Windows Phone 8.1 version from AT&T.

    I've been running a Lumia 640 XL on the Windows 10 preview for about 4 months, but never reset the device after upgrading from WP 8.1. With the official rollout starting today, I finally decided to reset this phone. I am trying to go back to the official WP 8.1 software to see if my unlocked phone will receive the official W10m update. Now, I'm finding that this phone is in the same spot with WDRT that the Lumia 640 was. Instead of going into Flashing mode to reinstall the firmware, the phone just keeps rebooting with no changes.

    The two attached screen shots shows what happens with both the 640 and 640 XL when I try to use the WDRT to reset the phones. Can anyone here offer any assistance?

    03-17-2016 10:46 PM
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    Well, it looks like the issue was with my PC. I uninstalled and reinstalled the Windows Device Recovery Tool several times this past week, but I just tried it with a PC that recently had a clean Windows 10 installation and the reset back to Windows Phone 8.1 worked flawlessly for my 640 XL.

    With my regular PC, the WDRT immediately would reboot the phone and say it was switching to flashing mode. However, the clean PC downloaded a 1.83 GB software file, rebooted the phone and began installing the software without ever showing me that it was switching the phone to flashing mode.
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    03-17-2016 11:18 PM

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