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    Before you use any Windows Insider apps or considering which ring you need to be in you should read and agree to the following guidelines:

    1. Anyone participating in Windows Insider testing of any kind must be prepared to fully erase and reset their devices manually or using Windows Device Recovery Tool at a moment’s notice without warning without any regrets or complaints
    2. They must be prepared to and able to log into their Microsoft accounts and setup their devices, soft or hard resetting regularly as needed
    3. They must be prepared to go to great and extra ordinary lengths to try and reliably reproduce any problems they encounter and report them in the Windows Feedback app
    4. They must give full and detailed bug reports leaving out no piece of information which could possibly be remotely connected to the problem. Screenshots are recommended
    5. They must read any and all documentation and forums threads specifically related to Insiders in their entirety before asking a question
    6. They must fastidiously follow the forum threads where the Insider testing is being discussed by the authors, and follow precisely any instructions given there
    7. They will never post repetitive bug report threads but having followed #6 above, will advise other testers to the most relevant bug thread or helpful advice given
    8. When asking for help they will include the phrase (which may change occasionally) “I’ve read the rules”. Failure to include the phrase will result in the request for help being silently ignored
    9. They must acknowledge that the Windows Feedback app is the most appropriate place to log any feedback directly to Microsoft and that these forums are for aiding other Insiders, but creating threads specifically for Microsoft to read your individual suggestions is futile on these boards

    [TIP]If you’re not prepared to do all the above, and do it in good spirit, then please wait for the public release of future builds.
    If you are prepared to do all the above then by all means please participate in Windows Insider testing.[/TIP]
    Note that everything above is a function of attitude, not of skill.

    You can download the Windows Insider app here:

    [NOTE]Windows Insider Rings:
    Insider Fast
    You’ll get pre-release builds of Windows 10 ahead of everyone else. This means you’ll see new things sooner, but there may be fewer solutions available for issues
    Insider Slow
    You’ll get pre-release builds of Windows 10, but you’ll get them a little after Insiders who select to receive Fast updates. This could mean that more solutions are available for issues
    Insider Release Preview
    Best for Insiders who enjoy getting early access to updates for the Current Branch, Microsoft applications, and driver, with minimal risk to their devices, and still want to provide feedback to make Windows devices great.
    Stop receiving pre-release builds and go back to production, official, release builds only.
    [INFO]Common FAQ
    Q: Who should use the Windows Insider Fast Ring builds?
    A: If you’re asking that question, then you should not be using the Windows Insider Fast Ring builds. Very very very very very few people should ever enable the fast ring builds.
    Q: Who should use the Windows Insider Slow Ring builds?
    A: Anyone is welcome to use the Windows Insider Slow ring builds, as long as they comply fully with the above guidelines and know exactly why they are using a pre-production build (i.e. they are not just blindly accepting prompts on-screen and think it’s a cool thing to do).
    Q: I have a phone that isn’t officially supported for Windows Mobile 10, but I want to try Windows 10 out. Which ring should I use?
    A: Definitely use the slow or release preivew rings. You will receive more stable builds that have been widely tested and you’ll be able to see if you want to stick with Windows 10, or if you want to go back to 8.1.
    Reference: Testing Feeds - WebOS Internals
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    I have read the rules.


    If your phone is on the eligible list and not waiting for carrier approval (branded phones) use Upgrade Advisor to get the Official release (RTM).

    If you use Insider on the Release Ring, the same version is fetched as the recent public Upgrade received by these phones ( Phones Eligible for Windows 10 Mobile Official.

    If your phone is not on the supported list, then (Threshold) is the end of the line. You may as well use Insider and select Production to un-enroll your phone from Insider, but at least you have W10M. WaaS (Windows as a Service) will deliver future updates within Threshold to you without any Insider access required.

    If your phone is on the eligible list and you go Insider and stay on the Release ring you get the next public version early as Release ring in effect is the RTM. This will deliver the most stable Redstone builds to you earlier than OTA push with minimal risk.

    For right now, Windows Device Recovery Tool is only flashing 8.1 to models that did not launch with 10 so it is the way to revert if you don't care for W10M: Windows Device Recovery Tool FAQ[/TIP]
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    Good posts and worth noting
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    04-18-2016 02:34 AM
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    These guidelines are great, and something that MS should have implemented to begin with, where insiders had to click on "agree" for each one before being allowed to download. Sadly, their "Warnings and disclaimers" page can be dismissed with one tap, and users can freely choose and download from either ring. Then when things aren't working like they think it should, they'll be here complaining.

    Having them state that "they've read the rules" here does take the edge off though, and is absolutely necessary. I agree with Rob's supplement as well, now that we have users trying to force Redstone builds on unsupported devices.
    04-18-2016 08:14 AM
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    04-20-2016 05:48 PM
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    Well done, gentlemen. Well done. We will benefit from these guidelines. Thanks.

    [I'll edit in] Plus, this was a good chuckle....

    "Q: Who should use the Windows Insider Fast Ring builds?
    A: If youre asking that question, then you should not be using the Windows Insider Fast Ring builds. Very very very very very few people should ever enable the fast ring builds."
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    Note that links to this thread become an appropriate answer for casual user questions/statements such as:
    • Should I get on Insider? (Rules 1-9 + all associated information in post #1)
    • What are the risks for using Insider? (Rules 1-9 + all associated information in post #1)
    • I have phone model X, how is build X performing? (Rules 1-9 + all associated information in post #1)
    • Why should I Reset my phone? Do I have to Reset? Etc. (Rules 1-2)
    • I have bug X, anyone else see this? (Rules 3-6)
    • Repetitive posts with little to no advancement of details (Rules 7-9)
    • What Ring should I use? (Note box in post #1 detailing Ring descriptions)
    • What is the most stable Ring? (Post #2)
    • How do I get off Fast Ring? How do I get off Slow Ring? I don't like Insider Builds. I don't want Insider Builds any more. Etc. (Post #5)
    • Why am I being directed to this very thread? (Post #7 - the one you are reading)

    Here is the hyperlink for this thread: Feel free to bookmark it for easy reference and dissemination.
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    04-23-2016 02:22 PM
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    05-09-2016 11:58 PM
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    There is Fast, Slow, Release and Production.

    You cannot join Insider on the Production Ring. You won't even see it until you join one of the other Rings and accept an update.

    You cannot get (or even see) Release Ring if you are on Fast or Slow right now. Fast and Slow are on Redstone builds and Release is on Threshold. You can't revert off Redstone unless you use WDRT.

    If you are on any Ring and you go to Production that just stops future builds. It does not revert your device. You stay where you are until Official gets to a higher # and then you start picking up OTA Official updates.

    Release Ring is on the current branch (TH2) at 10586.242. It does differ from Production (10586.218), but it is testing patches and bug fixes. However, when all the fixes are done for TH2 it will start to get Redstone builds when those near, or are at, RTM status so there is still risk. No one can really say when Release will move off Threshold and onto Redstone. Witness how many in the Slow Ring got caught on an overnight push to Redstone and they wanted to stay on Threshold 2...

    At this time, Release is very stable. Legacy devices not getting Official W10M which can get on Release Ring should take advantage if their owners want W10M. Enroll in Insider. Choose Release. Accept the update(s) waiting. Choose Production to unenroll the device from Insider. Reset your device to make the smoothest transition. WaaS (Windows as a Service) will deliver any further Threshold updates to you without Insider being required.

    Once Redstone builds hit Release Ring all legacy devices not receiving Official will probably be barred from any Insider updates and W10M access will likely be closed off to them in perpetuity.

    For right now, Windows Device Recovery Tool is only flashing 8.1 to models that did not launch with 10 so it is the only way to revert if you don't care for W10M, no matter which Ring you are on: Windows Device Recovery Tool: FAQ
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    Right now... Fast and Slow Rings are testing Redstone 1 builds of 14xxx. This is the upcoming Anniversary Update. Redstone 1 is a branch, the experimental branch. Just as Threshold 2 is the current branch.

    When Redstone 1 gets finalized (RTM) it will move to Release Ring and roll out OTA to Official/Production Ring (probably in waves).

    Unsupported devices will not see any Redstone builds. Only the phones on this list will move to Redstone 1: Phones Eligible for Windows 10 Mobile Official. Once Redstone 1 hits Slow Ring, I would expect all unsupported devices will get locked out of Insider and the door will be closed to them getting W10M (my conjecture based on what we have been seeing)...

    If your phone is on the list of supported devices and you are on Official or on Insider and have elected Production Ring or are on Insider Release Ring you will be moved to the 14xxx builds from your current 10586 build when Anniversary Update goes live.

    After some time (a couple of weeks) to congratulate themselves, accept praise, and unwind...

    The whole process will start again and the W10M team will start pushing Redstone 2 builds to Insider Fast Ring and then eventually those will drop down into Slow Ring.

    Official/Production Ring and Release Ring will continue on with 14xxx Redstone 1 builds until such time as the new Redstone 2 experimental branch is ready to go current.

    Official and Production are the same thing with the provision that anyone on Insider who drops from a higher Ring down to Production stays where they are until Official catches up to or passes their build number. At that point they get OTA updates again and are back inline with Official. The only way to instantly revert from Fast/Slow/Release to Official is by using WDRT and then getting OTA updates. If WDRT reverts you to 8.1 you must then use the Windows Upgrade Advisor App to get back into the current branch.

    To sum up:
    • Fast Ring and Slow Ring of Insider test the experimental branch
    • Release Ring of Insider tests the planned advances, patches and fixes for the current branch
    • Production Ring of Insider is just a way of stopping future testing builds

    Get used to seeing this cycle repeat. It's the new deal.
    07-10-2016 03:22 PM
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    How do I update 630 to W10 via insider again, I been on W10 and I just reset my phone, and it is again on 8.1 and with Insider I don't get any W10 updates now, what Insider program should I choose?
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    08-09-2016 02:14 PM
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    How do I update 630 to W10 via insider again, I been on W10 and I just reset my phone, and it is again on 8.1 and with Insider I don't get any W10 updates now, what Insider program should I choose?
    You'll have to do a hack to impersonate an eligible device. I'm afraid I don't have an exact tutorial handy for your device...

    Start here: Installing Windows 10 Mobile Tech Preview on€ | Windows 10 Development and Hacking

    You should base your "Impersonation" on the device most similar to yours that is eligible. In your case, that would be a 1GB RAM Lumia 635 I would think.

    Proceed at your own risk.
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    08-09-2016 03:21 PM
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    So here is the lineup as of today (check the date on this post).

    1. Threshold 1 is now deprecated. It is not clear yet if or when it will get additional patches and fixes. It is feature frozen in all likelyhood.
    2. Redstone 1 is the current branch. Patches and fixes are already rolling on Release Ring and regular Patch Tuesday updates can be expected to Release and Production/Official. It is not clear yet if it is feature frozen, but it may be.
    3. Redstone 2 is the next experimental branch. In is not yet clear when builds will roll for this. Likely soon. Almost certainly Fast Ring will have 1 or several builds before Slow Ring sees any. Expect new features almost from the start.
    08-16-2016 09:27 PM
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    Back when 8.1 was the current public release, many embarked upon the experimental journey with Windows 10 Mobile on their daily driver. Yea there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

    When Threshold 1 was the current branch, many persisted in using Fast and Slow Ring builds. "Why Microsoft," they cried, "have you ruined my device? I need it for daily use."

    Threshold 2 became current. Still there were those who just had to have the latest thing. They wept openly in public that their device would not behave and it was their only phone. Peasants gathered rocks to throw at them while chanting the traditional, "Experimental Build," that is said to ward against the evil eye.

    Redstone 1 is current. Redstone 2 is experimental and in the early stages...

    09-02-2016 12:56 PM
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    IMHO the terminology on this board needs to be firmed up:

    • Soft Reset - reboots the phone and clears the cache and RAM. This is a button push method using either the Volume Down + Power (older phones) or just the Power Button (newer models) and holding the relevant buttons until the phone vibrates and reboots (about 10 seconds). Use this to solve minor glitches that may crop up.
    • Hard Reset - another button push method, but used to reflash the last OS version used which is stored in the recovery partition. Power off the phone > hold Volume Down > press Power > keep holding Volume Down until you see the exclamation (!) screen, then immediately release the Volume Down... Now tap Volume Up / Volume Down / Power / Volume Down... You should see the spinning gears and your phone will reflash the last OS version held in recovery. You do loose data, but get your phone back. Sign into your Microsoft Account and restore your backup during the set up.
    • Factory Reset - this is a software method. It will reflash the last OS version used which is stored in the recovery partition. Access this through Settings > System > About > Reset your phone. You should see the spinning gears and your phone will reflash the last OS version held in recovery. You do loose data, but get your phone back. Sign into your Microsoft Account and restore your backup during the set up.
    • Recovery - this is another software method and is done using the Windows Device Recovery Tool (WDRT) and requires a USB connection to desktop. It will return your device to a predesignated point of stability selected by Microsoft (and or the OEM partner). It may be the version on release of the device or at a predesignated Update point since release. This tool gets updated regularly and is an essential source of Firmware that may have been missed due to using Insider Rings or to revert from Insider builds. This is a tried and true method of getting a "clean install" as a bad entry in the device recovery partition may just perpetuate errors even through Hard Reset or Factory Reset.

    For reasons I can't explain, Hard Reset is used interchangeably for the (true) Hard Reset button push method and the Factory Reset software method. Likely this is due to the fact that they achieve the same result. I believe they are different methods and are deserving of a distinction.

    • If your phone is "locked up" and becomes unresponsive a Soft Reset should be attempted first. Don't jump to Hard Reset, use Soft Reset to try and get back to operating conditions. If the issues persist, Soft Reset the phone and attempt a Factory Reset next.
    • If your phone needs a refresh and you are able to access Settings, the Factory Reset should be preferred. Why? It is a prepackaged solution that should include coding to prep your phone for the reset. The system is given information that a reset is requested and it may then shut down properly and prepare itself for a reflash from the recovery partition.
    • If your device is unresponsive, WDRT should be the preferred method of recovery. Why? Again, software coding to prep the system. A stable point is established to reset to. Errors on the device are potentially much less able to perpetuate themselves. You may always climb back up in versions via OTA and/or Insider. WDRT is the best method to assure your Firmware is up-to-date.
    • In my opinion, Hard Reset should be the last resort. Why? It should really only be used if your phone is unresponsive and you are left with no alternative. Use Hard Reset only if you are "stuck" without any of the above options working or being available. Due to the unknown nature of what has borked your device, it may be in a position that the Hard Reset button pushes cannot provide the prep needed for the system to shut down properly and perform the reflash. It might be as potentially damaging to the system as shifting your vehicle into park while it is still rolling at speed.

    We get a lot of questions on the board about what reset to use and what is the difference. Using Hard Reset to refer to 2 methods (button push & software) only compounds the confusion.
    09-10-2016 02:17 PM
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    Make that post stick on #1 of 3ad please
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    09-11-2016 03:21 AM
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    Hats off to the guy who wrote those guidelines. It annoys me when Insiders complain when they choose to use Fast ring on their daily driver and complain when a buggy build is rolled out. Fast ring is like the Canary ring for the public, if users aren't prepared for these scenarios they need to be on slow or release preview ring.
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    04-17-2017 12:18 PM

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