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    Windows 10 build 15048 for desktop and 15047 for Mobile now available in the Fast ring | Windows Central

    Other changes, improvements, and fixes for PC

    • We fixed the issue where some UWP apps may unexpectedly appear with their app package name in the title bar as opposed to the app name. A lot of you sent us screenshots of this in the Feedback Hub and we were able to debug the issue quickly. Thank you!.
    • [GAMING] We fixed the issue where some popular games might minimize to the taskbar when launched.
    • We fixed an issue where copy and pasting URLs to and from the Microsoft Edge address bar with spaces wouldn’t convert spaces into %20.
    • We fixed an issue resulting in the LastPass extension for Microsoft Edge sometimes unexpectedly failing to show its autofill buttons on recent builds.
    • We fixed a recent issue resulting in unexpected characters sometimes being pasted when pasting into certain websites using Microsoft Edge.
    • We fixed an issue where using the mouse wheel to scrolling in Microsoft Edge might not work if the window was made smaller or moved to a different monitor.
    • We adjusted Microsoft Edge’s “Find on page” logic so that now as you go through the results the webpage should scroll so the found text is more central on the page.
    • We fixed an issue for those flighting recent builds on laptops, changing brightness would stop working after the first time the laptop lid had been closed and reopened when the “Lid Close Action” power policy was set to “Do nothing”.
    • We fixed an issue that could result in not being able to type into search boxes in certain UWP apps.
    • We fixed an issue resulting in clicked Cortana search results not opening when typing using the MS Pinyin IME.
    • We fixed an issue where cross device notifications from a particular phone might unexpectedly appear in two separate groups in the Action Center.
    • We fixed an issue resulting in emails from Outlook 2016 not opening in the foreground after tapping on the corresponding notification.

    Known issues for PC

    • If you did the workaround to fix the corrupted registry key to get Build 15042, please DO this to re-enabled IPv6.
    • Some PCs will fail to update to this build at 71% and roll-back to the previous build. See this forum post for details.
    • If you have Symantec/Norton anti-virus software installed on your PC, you may get an 0x80070228 error when attempting to download this build. See this forum post for details.
    • If you have additional language packs installed, this build will fail to download and install. You can follow the steps in this forum post to get unblocked.
    • [GAMING] Certain hardware configurations may cause the broadcast live review window in the Game bar to flash Green while you are Broadcasting. This does not affect the quality of your broadcast and is only visible to the Broadcaster.
    • Issues may occur when exploring pages using the F12 Developer Tools in Microsoft Edge with cross-origin iframes (e.g. the DOM explorer shows only the iframe DOM, the Console frame selector doesn’t list the iframes, etc.).
    • Pressing F12 to open the Developer Tools in Microsoft Edge while F12 is open and focused may not return focus to the tab F12 is opened against, and vice-versa.
    • Sometimes launching F12 will launch the F12 window behind the active Microsoft Edge window.
    • Insiders with multiple monitors may encounter an issue where one of the monitors stops rendering (with the exception of the mouse). While rebooting will fix it, you can also resolve the issue via Settings > System > Display under the Multiple displays section, set it to only use the monitor that’s functional, then set it back to “Extend these displays” and the issue should be resolved.

    This build and version is the latest Redstone 2 build in testing for Desktop Insiders on the Fast Ring.

    Issues? Bugs? Solutions? For all things Windows 10 build 15048, discuss it here.

    [TIP]Basic tip

    If you're having any issues with your device, try a reset.

    Settings > Update & security > Recovery > Reset this PC > This provides you with two options: 1. keep my files and 2. remove everything[/TIP]

    [TIP]Keep my files

    Does just as its name describes. If you choose the setting you can reinstall Windows 10 without having to back up any of the pictures, videos, music and documents that you have stored on it. You absolutely should back up these things just in case, but you shouldn’t need to use that back up. Keep My Files requires a certain amount of free space on your device. As such, it may be unavailable to you if your device is stuffed with a lot of files. If you get an error message asking for more storage when you choose this option you’ll need to back up your files and choose the remove everything option. You could also delete any files that you aren’t using on your device and try the option again. This option will take longer than the other options.[/TIP]

    [TIP]Remove Everything

    Deletes every file, every setting from your device and gives you a blank copy of Windows 10 to work with. You’ll need to add any files you have backed up to your device again [/TIP]
    03-03-2017 12:26 PM
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    03-04-2017 12:05 PM
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    Yes, on my new SB and Edge is crashing. Same thing was happening on previous build and I hoped this would fix it... nope.

    UPDATE: I just uninstalled Symantec and boom, Edge starts up perfectly!! OMG - I want my last 3 hours back. No warnings from Symantec or any other indication of a potential virus detection. Read a post about some AV products flagging certain build files as viruses and so thought I would give it a shot.
    Last edited by wpjoe; 03-04-2017 at 05:28 PM.
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    03-04-2017 02:26 PM
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    I'm having an issue with coming out of sleep (I assume it's sleep). If I leave my Surface 3 open on my desk, go to a meeting and return, the Surface is asleep. I press the power button to resume, but it doesn't ever come back out of sleep. If I touch the Windows button I get the expected haptic feedback so I know it's on, but the screen never comes back on. This is happening nearly every time it sleeps.

    The only solution so far is to hold the power until it shuts down, the turn it back on.

    Is this a new problem? Any other suggestions?
    03-06-2017 04:29 PM
  5. zocster's Avatar
    03-10-2017 12:52 PM

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