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    From Microsoft

    Windows 10 'Redstone 3' build 16170 for PC now available for Insiders in the Fast ring | Windows Central

    Other changes, improvements, and fixes for PC

    • We fixed the issue causing your PC to fail to install new builds on reboot with the error 8024a112.
    • We have updated the share icon in File Explorer (in the Share tab) to match our new share iconography.
    • We fixed an issue where Cortana Reminders was displayed as a possible share target when Cortana wasn’t enabled.
    • We fixed an issue where Miracast sessions would disconnect a minute or so after the Connect UI was closed if the connection was a first time pairing.
    • We fixed a high-DPI issue when “System (Enhanced)” scaling is enabled so as to now correctly display certain applications that use display graphics accelerated contents.
    • Turning the night light schedule off in Settings now turns night light off immediately.

    Known issues for PC

    • Narrator will not work on this build. If you require Narrator to work, you should move to the Slow ring until we get this bug fixed.
    • Some Insiders have reported seeing this error “Some updates were cancelled. We’ll keep trying in case new updates become available” in Windows Update. See this forum post for more details.
    • Some apps and games may crash due to a misconfiguration of advertising ID that happened in a prior build. Specifically, this issue affects new user accounts that were created on Build 15031. The misconfiguration can continue to persist after upgrading to later builds. The ACL on the registry key incorrectly denies access to the user and you can delete the following registry key to get out of this state: HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\AdvertisingInfo.
    • There is a bug where if you need to restart your PC due to a pending update like with the latest Surface firmware updates, the restart reminder dialog doesn’t pop up. You should check Settings > Update & security > Windows Update to see if a restart is required.
    • Certain hardware configurations may cause the broadcast live review window in the Game bar to flash Green while you are Broadcasting. This does not affect the quality of your broadcast and is only visible to the Broadcaster. Make sure you have the latest graphics drivers.
    • Double-clicking on the Windows Defender icon in the notification area does not open Windows Defender. Right-clicking on the icon and choosing open will open Windows Defender.
    • Surface 3 devices fail to update to new builds if a SD memory card is inserted. The updated drivers for the Surface 3 that fix this issue have not yet been published to Windows Update.
    • Pressing F12 to open the Developer Tools in Microsoft Edge while F12 is open and focused may not return focus to the tab F12 is opened against, and vice-versa.
    • The Action Center may get into a state where dismissing one notification unexpectedly dismisses multiple. If this happens, please try rebooting your device.

    This build and version is the latest Redstone 3 build in testing for Desktop Insiders on the Fast Ring.

    Issues? Bugs? Solutions? For all things Windows 10 build 16170, discuss it here.

    [TIP]Basic tip

    If you're having any issues with your device, try a reset.

    Settings > Update & security > Recovery > Reset this PC > This provides you with two options: 1. keep my files and 2. remove everything[/TIP]

    [TIP]Keep my files

    Does just as its name describes. If you choose the setting you can reinstall Windows 10 without having to back up any of the pictures, videos, music and documents that you have stored on it. You absolutely should back up these things just in case, but you shouldn’t need to use that back up. Keep My Files requires a certain amount of free space on your device. As such, it may be unavailable to you if your device is stuffed with a lot of files. If you get an error message asking for more storage when you choose this option you’ll need to back up your files and choose the remove everything option. You could also delete any files that you aren’t using on your device and try the option again. This option will take longer than the other options.[/TIP]

    [TIP]Remove Everything

    Deletes every file, every setting from your device and gives you a blank copy of Windows 10 to work with. You’ll need to add any files you have backed up to your device again [/TIP]
    04-07-2017 12:24 PM
  2. mtf1380's Avatar
    it took about 2-hrs to detect, but downloading now on my SP3.
    04-07-2017 03:53 PM
  3. mtf1380's Avatar
    Stuck at 99%...hell far!

    will check it in the AM I guess:(
    Last edited by mtf1380; 04-07-2017 at 08:02 PM.
    04-07-2017 07:51 PM
  4. mtf1380's Avatar
    Check this morning and was greeted with: Restart Now...whoa!
    04-08-2017 08:23 AM
  5. zocster's Avatar
    Check this morning and was greeted with: Restart Now...whoa!
    All good now?
    04-08-2017 11:01 AM
  6. Zachary Boddy's Avatar
    I don't expect anything but massive amounts of bugs so I'm not touching this with a long stick. I don't have a backup computer right now and there's nothing for my back up 950 here so I'm just playing the waiting game.
    drjekel_mrhyde likes this.
    04-08-2017 08:23 PM
  7. mtf1380's Avatar
    All good now?
    @zocster, good Sunday morning. Yesterday was a beautiful spring day, so I had a lot of yard work to do, today too. Just did a quick check of 16170, on my SP3, and 'all good' so it appears; response is quick, everything fired up and it should, everything I check was normal.

    04-09-2017 10:05 AM
  8. mtf1380's Avatar
    scrolling a little jittery - had to restart to fix

    Edge, stuck on the Intro Page - had to restart to fix (looks like SapiOneCoreServerReciever was the cause?)

    Cortana was pretty snappy the first try.

    ahh...just got a 'system hardware update' message...restarting now.
    04-09-2017 11:46 AM
  9. mtf1380's Avatar
    Feedback Hub app not opening.
    04-10-2017 10:13 AM
  10. patb63's Avatar
    Can't seem to get build 16170 to install on my Surface Pro 2. It keeps reverting me back to my previous version (15063.14) of Windows.
    04-11-2017 10:43 AM
  11. mtf1380's Avatar
    I had to give up for now...rolled-back to 15063.314
    04-11-2017 02:43 PM
  12. zocster's Avatar
    04-14-2017 01:31 PM
  13. acornwafer's Avatar
    I have been running into the same issue on my SP 2 since this preview build was released. It just keeps crashing between 30-40% and reverting to the 15063.
    I tried going here
    But it did not help.
    Any ideas?
    04-20-2017 12:44 PM

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