1. drg's Avatar
    I updated to Creators update 1703 via Release Preview - Insider ring on my Surface Pro 3 and I'm getting a message to Activate Windows. Feedback hub full of similar issues over the past year but wondering if anyone has had this issue and if it resolved itself or should I re-install or get in touch with MS for a new product key?
    04-19-2017 03:03 AM
  2. davidhk129's Avatar
    1. Was your Release Preview build activated before you updated to Creators Update ?

    2. How did you update to 1703 Creators Update ?
    Via Windows Update ?

    3 Enter winver in your search box > press Enter.
    Please take a screenshot of your winver and post it with your next reply.
    04-19-2017 07:42 AM
  3. juanitoriv's Avatar
    I had the same problem with my tablet this last Slow Ring round. I clicked Activate, got an error & to try lateew, forgot about it for a while, then when I went back in, it was all fixed by itself. Hope yours goes the same way.
    04-19-2017 07:51 AM
  4. drg's Avatar
    Thanks for reply, sorry for late reply... Didn't get a notification there was a reply.

    1. Yes
    2. Via Windows update
    3. Inserting image won't work :( but it's showing:

    Version 1703 (OS Build 15063.138)
    The Windows 10 Pro operating system and it's user interface.... etc etc.

    I'm guessing that's the info that matters.
    04-27-2017 08:32 AM
  5. drg's Avatar
    A guy on windows insider community responded with a fix which didn't work and then said to just call and activate which I did and all is well.

    04-27-2017 09:18 AM

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