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    Hi all

    I've never had this problem before on any build, but this just started happening.

    I'm still on build 15228, which I have been for 2 weeks or more. As those who have read my posts before will know, I leave my 950 on 24/7.

    When I woke up this morning, I noticed that there was no Wi-Fi icon in the status bar. Pulling down the quick actions shows that it was turned off. I tested an internet page just to see if it was the Quick Action toggle playing up, but there was definitely no internet connection. I toggled it back on and it connected to my internet straight away; all was well again. Until, that is, a bit later in the day I looked at my phone - the Wi-Fi was showing as being off again!! I toggled it back on and, again, it connected to my internet straight away.

    I've turned the 950 off and on again, and haven't had the problem recur since.

    Has anyone else experienced similar issues?

    Kind regards
    07-16-2017 11:44 AM