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    * Thanks to thedaniel ( for coming up with the name for this theme
    * Thanks to NRGZ28 for providing the ROM's used to test this theme
    * Thanks to everyone else for their support

    * Copy CAB file to device
    * Disable Windows Default - Start > Settings > Today > Items
    * Install CAB file to Main memory
    * Soft reset if not told to do so

    This theme is only a graphic replacement for the Windows Default WM6.5 theme and does not add any other functionality. However, I did include the matching Icons for the ATContacts plug-in. Also included are several wallpapers used during the making of this theme and will install in /My Pictures. (** WM6.5 Required **)

    I have only tested this out using NRGZ28's ROM's on the AT&T Fuze (VGA) but may work with other devices.
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    ** Portrait **

    ** Landscape **

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