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    could someone please help me with the following.

    I bought an LG GM750 operating WM6.5 Professional. I installed updated SPB shell, Time & Weather and Resco Audio as I had been using these on my WM5. I found that the Resco Audio did not perform properly and removed it. Subsequenty I also noticed that all my incoming messages time were about 13 hours ahead. System time, call times etc are all okay. I have been through the regional set up, 3rd party software etc and everything looks okay. I have already tried to remove all 3rd party softwares and reboot my device to factory set up many times but still have the corrupted time without 3rd party software loaded.
    I have also done side by side comparison by texting and receiving texts from someone using the same server (service provider). All outgoings for both checked out okay, his incomings from me were okay but my incomings were still 13 hours or so off.
    I would appreaciate help in this area
    01-13-2010 02:31 PM