1. winmofosho's Avatar
    I have a VZ Imagio w/WM6.5, using Outlook to sync to outlook mobile.

    However, Outlook 2007, when it marks an email for followup, creates a task for it, but store the task in the local folder.

    So if an IMAP email is flagged, the flag is in the IMAP folder. Fine when you are working on your computer. But I get my IMAP emails on my phone directly off the server, not via sync with outlook. So I can't see any of my followup notification.

    And when tasks sync, those tasks created by follow up flags don't.

    This makes flagging emails useless to me, since I run my life up my phone. Any workarounds (besides copying and pasting each email text into the description of a new task, instead of hitting the flag button, which is not feasible with my workflow?)
    03-12-2010 01:55 PM