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    Gee, I hope there are still some lurkers here. This question can best be answered by current and former users of the Windows Mobile platform, especially heavy users of the mobile Microsoft Office applications.

    I still use a Palm 700wx (WM 6.0) as my Smartphone of choice. I use Word Mobile a lot; Word Mobile with a stylus and a resistive screen seems the fastest, easiest way to enter and edit text. Iíve tried other solutions, in fact Iím typing this in Pages on my year-old iPad. I love the iPad, but editing with my fingers on a capacitive screen is clunkier than with a stylus and real menus on a resistive screen.

    WinMo is all but dead and Windows Phone 7 is no replacement or improvement.

    Has anyone found a pocketable solution thatís as good as Windows Mobile?
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    I'm not sure why you say WP7 not a good replacement but we can discuss that at another time. I get what you are saying about the styli and editing we will never have that level of accuracy on a cap screen. One thing that HTC has done is to add arrow keys to there Android and WP7 phones. Its not perfect but it does help so I would say pick one of those platforms then give an HTC device a try.
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    There are many reasons I don't consider WP7 a usable replacement. Features were added with each WM release, and to "go back" to an earlier feature set really isn't acceptable. It would be like bringing home a new computer running Windows 95. For example, getting documents into and out of WinMo devices was easy -- there were several fast and easy ways. I was recently reading Microsoft's official WP7 website, and it may be easier to get money out of an armored car than to create a document and get it out of a WP7 phone. Example 1: I can export docs from my iPad to Dropbox, then open the documents on any of my computers. I can also transfer files from another computer into the iPad using Dropbox. Example 2: I purchased a device about the size of a cigarette lighter called AirStash. Insert a SD card in AirStash, and programs on my iPad can read from and write to the AirStash SD card using wi-fi, just as if the SD card was plugged into the iPad. Neither Dropbox or AirStash (or anything else I know of) works with WP7. I know, this is OS v1.0 and this will likely improve, but I have purchased too many devices hoping they would update according to my wishes, desires, and timetable.

    For a lengthier list of my WP7 gripes, read my blog at pdacomputing | Just another WordPress.com site. Scroll just a little more than half way down the page and look for the article titled "Windows Phone 7." The entries above that article detail lists I made when shopping for a Smartphone.

    I may be wrong, but I don't think Android has word processing software to match what we had in WinMo 5.x and 6.x. I have the iOS version of one suite on my iPad and it's OK, but not a feature match for Word Mobile.

    In many ways, tech gadgets become more advanced every day. But not handhelds -- PDAs we used to call them. Mobile Office capabilities have regressed, as have file transfer capabilities. We used to be able to transfer files via SD cards; many handhelds don't have a SD/microSD slot or the card isn't really removable. IR is gone, and most devices can't send and receive files using Bluetooth. What's next -- screens that save on battery power by only displaying 16 shades of greyscale?

    I do like the HTC phones. Thanks for your reply!
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    Why are u even here? LOL. Having to connect a tablet to a real PC is just dumb.

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    Why are u even here? LOL. Having to connect a tablet to a real PC is just dumb.

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    He posted because he has a question to ask this is a help forum answering and debating questions is what we do here. Please keep in mind that if you don't have anything useful to add to the conversation you are not obligated to post.

    PDAwizard check out "Docks to go" for Android it has a wealth of tools on the android platform. It might work for you. Keep looking in on WP7 seams you have a good handle on what you want in a device maybe in a couple more generations WP7 will be a match. For me I have found everything I need in WP7. O_o and a few surprises that I wasn't expecting.
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