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  1. Matchstick's Avatar
    Alltel HTC PPC-6800: Windows Mobile 6.0 - Windows Mobile 6.1

    But as far as the update utility that's in WinMo that goes out and checks for OTA updates, never, I've never seen anything come up from that.
    08-21-2009 07:29 PM
  2. StaplesJohn's Avatar
    Check this out, I'm not alone in my opinion http://news.cnet.com/8301-13505_3-10314386-16.html
    08-21-2009 08:18 PM
  3. ronbo2000's Avatar
    You mean the pending release of 6.5 and Window mobile 7 in the future still says that Microsoft lacks ambitions? Or is it simply the releases are coming too far in between? I say Microsoft is going to re-invent itself when it comes to WM7.

    Microsoft is too big a company not to recognize potential revenue from mobile devices.
    08-22-2009 11:13 PM
  4. StaplesJohn's Avatar
    Oh, I agree that Microsoft is to big not to recognize and revolutionize. However, here are a couple of ideas; one, buy HTC and provide this maker with the only Windows Mobile device available. However, with this plan they need to stay away from an AppStore for obvious reasons, i.e. IPhone. Two, stay the same and provide OS to multiple vendors on the condition they provide updates as Microsoft releases them. Rule on the second plan would be the loss of Windows Mobile if the vendor does not comply. Well that's my two cents anyway, I will continue to use Windows Mobile regardless.
    08-29-2009 02:00 AM
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    01-06-2011 11:31 PM
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    Here is an old one...

    Cingular 8125 (HTC Wizard) WM 5.0 - WM 5.0 (new AKU).

    I don't remember the specifics but yea I know that there was an official ROM upgrade for that one.

    I do believe that my old Motorola MPX200 and MXP220 never received any updates.

    But still to draw a conclusion... Hoc bong du hoc|[ most WM phones might receive 1 update from their carrier, the original iPhone already is on its 3rd major software update, which gave it a ton of new features. My Cingular 8525 Hermes back in the times of the original iPhone, only received one, from WM5 to WM6. And look at the Pre, out of the gate it is receiving nice live updates over the air, something a WM phone has never done. I love WM, but it really should be more supported by the providers.

    I'd rather run a plain vanilla ROM provided Du hoc singapore stock my Microsoft that could receive updates with Microsoft is finished testing them, rather than have AT&T have to decide if it is worth their time to invest their resources in adding crapware and bloatware to the rom, test it, and then 1 year later, allow it to be released.


    There are other devices for which an OEM continues to make revenue off the device after it is sold through the sale of media, subscription services, software, and other content. The iPhone, Zune, Xbox 360, PS3, and PSP all fall into this category of devices. And in all of these cases the device OEM hs continued tu van du hoc to make updates to the device's firmware. The cost of updating the firmware can be recovered through the customers continued use of the device since that use will occasionally involve the purchase of more content.

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