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    OK, I need some help...please as unbiased as possible. I am currently doing some research for a proposal I have to management. We are a looking at purchasing tablet/notepad devices for about 8 employees mainly to complete inspection forms that could be added to our current database (via a VPN to our servers), our field is in compliance/security/police work. I have argued that a PDA would be a much better idea, as it could be used for many other applications.

    My questions are as follows...

    How easy is it to have custom applications made to fit a PDA, (most are windows based) such as motorvehicle queries, criminal record checks etc., and company software.

    Is the B.E.S. solution (blackberry) more secure than a windows based device with a VPN?

    And here is the unbiased response part...which would be easier to manipulate into a custom device, a Blackberry or a Windows based device?

    We currently pay for data plans, 10-4 phone service, VPN etc, how are the costs for a Blackberry/WM when compared to the fees we already pay?

    Any other info would be greatly appreciated.

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    12-22-2009 11:03 AM