1. cashuk's Avatar

    I bought a phone of e-bay called the black storm 9500 from china, it has windows 6.1 on it, it was working fine but all of a sudden when trying to access the phone settings or trying to send a text, it displays a message saying 2the phone is not ready, please wait 15 seconds and try again"

    The person I bought the phone from is not answering my e-mails, I have read on different forums that the phone may need to be re-set or upgrade the rom, I have tried a clean boot but this has not helped, does anyone know how to fix this or where I may be able to get a compatible rom.

    Thanks in advance
    05-06-2010 03:15 AM
  2. Angel123's Avatar
    I get this message when trying to send a text message or get into the phones options. I can receive texts and call without any problem. This is on Windows 6.5 professional. Everything was fine up until a couple of nights ago. I installed a few applications, and then this occurred. I have tried the basic trouble shooting options, trying different sim cards, trying another battery, but still the problem persists.
    12-15-2010 11:47 PM